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Photo: Shauna Struby 
These amazing pies are the perfect way to finish a delicious meal at Click's Steakhouse in Pawnee.

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The mile-high pie and pamper fried chicken are Hammett House favorites

Whether it’s fried, filled or baked, Oklahoma’s fascination with pie runs deep. This delicious dessert has earned a special place in Oklahoma’s heartland and even holds court as the sweet finale to Oklahoma’s official state meal. Stop by one of these Oklahoma establishments for a slice of pure paradise ranging from tried-and-true classics to Grandma’s recipe with a modern twist.

Hammett House – Claremore

Can’t Miss Flavor:  Coconut Cream

During a trip to the Hammett House in Claremore, you’ll enjoy Southern hospitality, homemade comfort food, and if you’re lucky, sweet pies featuring huge domes of meringue that have become legendary throughout the region.  Sample the Hammett House’s coconut cream pie and discover why flakey coconut paired with a rich cream filling is a match made in paradise.  Also popular, the lemon pecan pie expertly combines the natural tartness of lemon with the sweet nuttiness of pecans.

Click’s Steakhouse – Pawnee

Can’t Miss Flavor: Tollhouse

Click’s Steakhouse in Pawnee, known for its perfectly seared steaks, is just as famous for its dessert case. Customers have decided the best way to end a meal at Click’s is with a piece of Tollhouse Pie, named for its mouthwatering chocolate chip cookie flavor. Order this best seller and enjoy a warm slice of Tollhouse Pie topped with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle. If you’re impressed by presentation, check out Click’s beautiful mile-high meringue pies – they look like fluffy clouds and taste like heaven!

Original Fried Pies – Davis

Can’t Miss Flavor: Apricot

The culinary creations found at Original Fried Pies in Davis are over 100 years in the making.  Located in the heart of Oklahoma’s scenic Arbuckle Mountains, this legendary fried pie shop has been using the same family recipe for decades.  Ranging from pineapple to pizza style, there is sure to be a pie filling you’ll love.  Grab a breakfast pie filled with sausage, cheese and egg, or choose a sweet filling such as silky lemon or creamy chocolate.  If you want to try the local favorite, just ask owner Nancy Fulton what her best seller is – she’ll say apricot every time.

Don’t miss their version of buttermilk pie made with blackberries, strawberry rhubarb or cinnamon apple crumble.

Pie Junkie – Oklahoma City

Can’t Miss Flavor: Macadamia Crusted Key Lime

With one-of-a-kind flavors like Orange Bourbon Pecan and Almond Joy, the bakers at Pie Junkie in Oklahoma City make stellar pies by taking the classics and adding their own special twist. Don’t miss their version of buttermilk pie made with blackberries, strawberry rhubarb or cinnamon apple crumble. If you’re having trouble deciding at Pie Junkie, you can’t go wrong with their best seller – the tart and nutty combination of Macadamia Crusted Key Lime. You can also grab a slice of Pie Junkie’s creations at S&B’s Burger Joint in Oklahoma City.

Arbuckle Fried Pies – Duncan

Can’t Miss Flavor: Anything Fruit Filled

For a sweet fruit filling tucked between two layers of delicate crust, expertly fried and covered in sugar, look no further than the delicious treats found at Arbuckle Fried Pies in Duncan.  Regulars make their way to this famous pie shop for everything from apple and peach pies to cherry and apricot delicacies.  If you need fuel in the morning, stop in during breakfast for a savory fried pie packed with various kinds of meats, cheeses and fresh veggies.

Pioneer Pies – Oklahoma City

Can’t Miss Flavor:  Seasonal Fresh Strawberry

Pioneer Pies in Oklahoma City is a restaurant and bakery that prides itself on country cooking and its huge variety of pies – 25 different flavors, to be exact!  While Pioneer Pies serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, the star of the show is definitely dessert.  Stop in during the sunny months of summer to enjoy a slice of fresh strawberry pie, the shop’s most popular seasonal variety.  As an added bonus, Pioneer Pies uses a unique five-cut divider specially designed to give you a bigger slice of your favorite flavor whether it be German chocolate, French silk, butterscotch or lemon meringue.

Field’s Pies – Pauls Valley

Can’t Miss Flavor: Pecan

The delicious desserts created at Field’s Pies in Pauls Valley are a bona fide Oklahoma tradition. What started as a family recipe in one woman’s kitchen has turned into a full-fledged pie factory in Pauls Valley.  Visit the Field’s Pies retail shop to pick up a pie to go.  The pecan pies are fully cooked, so all you have to do is let them thaw to enjoy the uniquely Oklahoma flavor.  Pecans, pie crusts and pie dough are also available. While their legendary pecan pie is the reigning star, you can also sink your teeth into German chocolate, pumpkin and lemon chess pies from Field’s.

Antoinette Baking Company – Tulsa

Can’t Miss Flavor: Mile High

Marie Antoinette has been quoted as saying, “Let them eat cake,” but at the Antoinette Baking Company in Tulsa, it’s all about the pie. The classics like key lime are done to perfection; however, their own flavor combinations are where the bakery's creativity shines. You can’t go wrong with the popular Mile High pie made with chocolate mousse, a chocolate crumb layer and sweet whipped cream or the La Dee Da, a caramel and butterscotch pie topped with a brown sugar whiskey meringue. Grab a huge slice of select flavors for just five dollars during Pie Nights on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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