Alabaster Caverns State Park

Alabaster Caverns State Park 217036 SH 50A
Freedom, OK 73842

Phone: 580-621-3381
Fax: 580-621-3572

The highlight of the 200-acre Alabaster Caverns State Park is the cavern formed of alabaster, a rare form of gypsum, making it the largest natural gypsum cave in the world that is open to the public and the only gypsum show cave in the United States. Daily guided tours of Alabaster Cavern leave promptly on the hour from 9am-4pm. For safety reasons, a maximum of 40 visitors are allowed on each tour. A fee is charged for the tour.

The cavern tour includes interpretation by a guide and a well-lit path. Group tour rates are available for school and youth groups only and only after a reservation has been made and a confirmation number been issued. Group reservations are required at least two weeks in advance by calling the park office. NOTE: Tour reservations are recommended during holiday weekends and during local events.

The highlight of the 200-acre Alabaster Caverns State Park is the cavern formed of alabaster, a rare form of gypsum, making it the largest natural gypsum cave in the world that is open to the public and the only gypsum show cave in the United States. Daily guided tours of Alabaster Cavern leave promptly on the hour from 9am-4pm. For safety reasons, a maximum of 40 visitors are allowed on each tour. A fee is charged for the tour.

The cavern tour includes interpretation by a guide and a well-lit path. Group tour rates are available for school and youth groups only and only after a reservation has been made and a confirmation number been issued. Group reservations are required at least two weeks in advance by calling the park office. NOTE: Tour reservations are recommended during holiday weekends and during local events.

The park also features 11 RV sites, which can be reserved online, and approximately 12 tent sites that are available on a first come, first serve basis. Hiking trails, picnic areas, group shelters with electricity, grills, water and a volleyball court are available at the park. Wild caving is a unique adventure also available at the park.

Don't forget to stop by the park's gift shop where you'll find a wide variety of souvenirs including gift items related to nature, the cavern and the resident bat population.

***NOTICE*** The cavern tour involves a strenuous walk of approximately 3/4 mile, during which visitors will climb or go down a total of 330 stair steps.  Due to these natural features and conditions, the cave is always cool and damp. The tour path is, at places, narrow, wet, uneven or at a steep incline.  The tour takes about 45 minutes to complete.  Due to the features of the cave described above, the walking tour is not recommended for those with mobility or respiratory problems, heart conditions or claustrophobia. In order to serve our Cavern guests more efficiently and in a timely manner, cameras, cellphones, flashlights and baby strollers are not allowed on our regular Cavern tours. (Photographic tours are available for our guests that are interested)

Wild caving is a sport better known as spelunking.  Alabaster Caverns is home to four caves that are kept especially for that particular activity.  The caves range in length from 550 feet to 1,600-ft. Permits may be obtained at park office. No permits shall be issued between October 1 and March 31 for protection of hibernating bats. A small fee per person applies.  Wild caving is only permitted between the hours of 8am and 3pm. Please contact the park office for an equipment list as well as rules and regulations.

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  • Facility Amenities: Amphitheater, Campsites, Concessions, Credit Cards Accepted, Dump Station, Elec. 30 Amp, Gift Shop, Grills, Handicapped Parking, Pets Allowed, Pets Allowed in Park, Picnic Area, Playground, Pull Thru Sites, Restrooms, Showers, Tours Offered

  • Group Amenities: Accommodates Tour Groups, Advance Group Reservations Required, Bus/Motorcoach Parking, Group Rates Available

  • On-site Activities: Watchable Wildlife

  • On-site Lodging: RV Sites, Tent Sites

  • Suitable for Ages: Adults (18+), Children (up to 12), Teens (13-18)

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8:00 am

5:00 pm

Daily guided tours begin promptly on the hour from 9am-4pm.
Office closes at 4:30pm November 1-February 28.
Reservations are recommended, especially during major holidays, area-wide events and other scheduled happenings.

Guided Tours of the Cavern:

Ages 5 & under: Free but do require a ticket

Ages 6 to 12: $7

Ages 13 to 61: $10

Ages 62 & over: $8

Active Duty Military (w/ current military ID): $8

Wild Caving (April 1-September 30): $8/person. (Special equipment is required)

Tent sites: $14

RV sites with electric & water hookups: $22

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing listed above, prices are subject to change without notice.

Located 6 miles south of Freedom on Hwy 50, 1/2 mile east on Hwy 50A, or 20 miles north of Mooreland on Hwy 50.

Primary Contacts:

Mike Caywood


From Jan 1, 2017
to Dec 31, 2017

Daily Guided Cavern Tours

From Jan 1, 2017
to Dec 31, 2017

Alabaster Caverns Photo Tours

From Apr 7, 2017
to Apr 8, 2017

Bat Wing-Ding

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From Victoria on 01/12/17

Yes I want on feb 2015 with my daughter and our dog, at the site where I was it was saclueded and I was told those showers worked so a pitch a tent there but when I tried after I pitched the tent it did not work, then when I called last year to verify if they work now, I was told that are under construction. We are planning to come this feb 2017 with my family. And it's going to be the same place I did the last time, we like our space away from other campers. And I'm hoping the showers work. Thanks

From Park Manager on 01/03/17

Ms. Baldwin, I'm going to need more information than what you have shared in your writing in order to correct any problem that may exist. I'm not sure when you visited the park but we haven't had an interpretive tour guide on staff that even had small children in a number of years and the showers have never been shut off, however they are pay showers and do require payment in the coin changer in the individual shower before they are turned on. Please feel free to contact me at the park office between 8 am and 4:30 pm 580.621.3381 if you would like to discuss this further.

From Cindy Baldwin on 12/23/16

We went here in January. The park land is beautiful and the campsite has electric and water. We went on the tour and the tour guide was TERRIBLE She had her young son with her and instead of conducting the tour for the 2 of us who paid she kept saying to her kid 'I will take you there later after I am done with them'. Plus we went to take a shower after a cold day and the water was turned off. We planned a 5 day vacation here after driving 4 hours to get here we turned around the next day and came home.

From Park Manager on 12/09/16

Konnie, We will have tours that leave promptly on the hour from 9 am until 4 pm every day but Christmas Day. Hope to see you soon.

From Konnie Jackson on 12/08/16

What hours are you going to be open December 23-26

From Park manager on 11/05/16

We do have a senior discount on both camping and the cavern tours. If you need other information, just give us a call!!!

From Linda on 11/05/16

do you have a discount for disabled/seniors?

From Staff on 09/29/16

Kendall, pets are allowed on the park grounds and buildings as long as they are on a leash, but because of the unique ecosystem within the cavern they are not allowed on tour. For more information, please call the park office at 580-621-3381. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Kendall on 09/29/16

Are small dogs allowed on the cave tour? We will be driving through but have a small dog with us.

From Staff on 09/02/16

Monique, yes we would recommend making reservations by calling the park office at 580-621-3381. Thank you for using!

From Monique on 09/02/16

Do I need to make a reservation if it's just my family coming? We homeschool so this is a field trip, however there is only 6 of us.

From Park Staff on 07/27/16

Cindy, It is noted on this website about making reservations if you click on the hours tab.

From Staff on 07/25/16

Kathy, you'll want to email the park staff or give them a call at 580-621-3381 to make reservations for group tours. You can book RV campsites online using the green "Book RV Campsites" button at the top of the page. Thank you for using!

From Staff on 07/25/16

Cindy, thank you for your feedback. We'll update that information on the "Hours" tab. Thank you for using!

From Kathy on 07/25/16

Where do you make reservations? The ranger seemed to think you could do it online. I don't see anywhere on this site to make reservations or that even mentions making reservations.

From Cindy on 07/23/16

It should be noted that even individuals should call and make reservations to go on the regular hourly tour. We drove out there today, and we got there just as they were posting a sign that no more tours were available until 9am. There were at least 3 other families that arrived at the same time who also were not happy about this. The ranger was super professional, but she had no idea what the travelok website said. TravelOK should make it super obvious that individuals can and should do reservations so there are fewer incidents like what happened today.

From Staff on 07/22/16

Rocio, please refer to the pricing tab up above for ticket prices, as it varies by age. Thank you for using!

From Rocio on 07/21/16

How Much it Costs per person

From Park Manager on 05/30/16

Janice, The RV sites are semi-modern sites meaning they do have electric and water with a dump station in the park for your use.

From janice phillips on 05/30/16

I presume the rv sites have elect and water?

From Park Manager on 05/11/16

Cherie, The farthest you would have to walk from the campground to the hiking trail leading to Bear Cave is only about 1/4-1/2 mile. In my opinion, you wouldn't need to tow a vehicle just to travel to the wild caves. See you soon!!!

From Cherie Bergeron on 05/11/16

Was wondering how far are the wild caves are from the RV campground? Trying to decide if we need to tow a vehicle.

From Park Manager on 05/09/16

Good morning Taylor, To find maps for Alabaster Caverns, click on Book RV Campsites button at the top of this page. Go to Search State Parks. Alabaster Caverns will be the first park you come to. Click on View Park Details and Maps. Both the Park map as well as the Campground map will be available at the bottom of that page. If you need further help, please do not hesitate to let us know. Hope to see you soon.

From Taylor on 05/08/16

Is there a map with the RV site numbers? I see I am able to reserve sites but the map does not give the numbers to help me in my selection.

From Park Manager on 04/19/16

Pattsy, We would love to have you come back and see if we can help you figure out this mystery of your past!!!

From Pattsy Orsburn on 04/18/16

Was there in 1957 I was 10 years old. I remember that the guide told mom to hold my hand and keep away form the water.I have to go back to see what I don't remember.

From Park Manager on 03/17/16

Dear Amt, The website is updated. If you check under the hours tab above you will notice that it says... Daily guided tours begin promptly on the hour from 9am-4pm..., which is absolutely correct.

From Amt on 03/16/16

You need to update your website stating the exact time of your tours because driving a long time to get there then find out you are too late suks it can ruin a day very quickly!!!!

From Debbie on 03/16/16

Michael, the bats that we have are still in hybrenation, they are insect eating bats. We do not have a showing of bats at dusk because we have several openings that they can use.

From Michael Fox on 03/16/16

is there a time of day where the bats come out of the cave?

From Staff on 03/16/16

Cynthia and Coral, you are welcome to bring your babies on a cavern tour, but you will have to wear or carry them the whole time, as strollers are not allowed due to the number of stairs. Other things to keep in mind is that the tour lasts 45 minutes, the lights are on a timer and the path may be wet or uneven at times. There also isn't a quick way out if you decide that you need to leave in the middle of the tour. For more information, please call the park office at 580-621-3381. Thank you for using!

From Debbie on 03/15/16

Hi Carol, We apologize for your difficulty yesterday. We do offer tours everyday starting at nine a.m. until four p.m. Sorry you weren't made aware of the four o'clock tour. We do offer a photography tour if you make reservations two weeks in advance. Sorry you had a bad experience.

From Carol Stephens on 03/14/16

After driving 6 1/2 hours to get to alabaster caverns, I arrived at 3 p.m. My family of 5 went to purchase tickets and was told they were sold out. Not anymore info on what exactly since I know that there are many different things to do and many different tours that can be taken. So could someone please tell me how they could be sold out of everything when the parking lot wasn't even full?

From Coral on 03/14/16

I was also wondering if tours are baby friendly? I have a 12 month old but planned on wearing her on me in my carrier/pouch.

From cynthia on 03/13/16

Are the tours and caves baby friendly? Or is hard to get around with a nine month old?

From Park Manager on 03/12/16

Amanda, The park will be having tours promptly on the hour from 9 am until 4 pm all week long, actually every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas days. You shouldn't need reservations but if you want to make sure you get the exact time you want, having a reservation isn't a bad idea. Just call us at 580.621.3381 and we can take care of that for you and with no extra charge for the reservations. See you soon.

From Amanda Anderson on 03/12/16

I was wanting to plan a trip for me and my kids for spring break. Could you let me know if you are open all of next week, and what time we should arrive. Also do we need a reservation?

From Staff on 02/24/16

M, sorry you're having trouble reaching Alabaster Caverns State Park! We have passed along your email address to the park staff, but please feel free to keep trying 580-621-3381 because that is the most direct way to get more information. Thank you for using!

From M. Allori on 02/24/16

I am planning a school field trip and would like to talk to someone about setting up a tour. We are planning on approximately 20 4th grade students. I have tried the phone number listed on the website and it does not seem to be working. Could you please contact me via email with more information? Thanks

From Park Manager on 02/03/16

Mr/MsGayler, You can make your reservations at the top of this page. When you arrive, the campground will be immediately across the parking lot from the park office. Your name will be on the site that you have reserved and you will be able to find the site very easily. We look forward to your visit!!!

From SGayler on 02/03/16

We are visiting in March & wanting to make an RV reservation. Is it okay if we arrive after business hours? If so, will we be able to find our RV site ok in the dark? Thanks!

From Staff on 01/22/16

Frances, some RV campsites are available in the reservation system, although those must be done five days in advance. Most sites are available on a first come, first serve basis. The cave tours leave promptly on the hour from 9am-4pm, and reservations are only recommended during major holidays, area-wide events and other scheduled happenings. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the park office at 580-621-3381. Thank you for using!

From Frances on 01/22/16

Planning a trip up there tomorrow 1/23/16. Do we need reservations?

From Park Manager on 10/17/15

The access to the park is free. There will be a charge for camping and the cave tour. Thank you.

From Genice on 10/13/15

since this is a state park, will we get in for half price with the Access card? Thank you

From Park Manager on 10/09/15

Andrew, 13 & over is $10.00, 6 to 12 is $7.00, 5 & under are free, 62 & over and active military with ID are $8.00. Hope to see you soon!

From Andrew on 10/09/15

How much do you charge for guided tours?

From Park Manager on 10/05/15

Hello Melissa, The cavern is open for tours every day of the year with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas days, so yes, we're open for tours on October 12!

From Melissa lawrence on 10/04/15

Is the cave opened October 12, 2015?

From Staff on 08/17/15

Sherry, the cave entrance is within walking distance to the RV sites, and there is a shuttle at the cave exit. For more information, please call the park office at 580-621-3381. Thank you for using!

From Sherry on 08/16/15

Are the caves within walking distance of the RV campsites? Wanted to leave towed car home and just enjoy RV without extra load if possible.

From Carolyn on 08/09/15

I was on a tour today with a family that all had flip flops on. Before the tour started the guide told us the cave was very slippery before we purchased tickets. To begin with why would you wear flip flops to go through a cave. Second this part of Okla is known to have a lot of venomous snakes. I would just like to say if you are planning a trip to this park wear appropriate shoes.

From Darrel on 07/29/15

I was there Sunday and felt like the tour was rushed, not because of the guide, but because of the policy. Please lengthen the tour to an hour giving tourgoers a chance to look around.

From Genai on 07/26/15

We have not taken the mason your, but have give twice for the wild caving. Great that they give you this opportunity. A lot of fun. Big times we went, we were the only ones wild caving. Park staff was very helpful, friendly and cooperative. We didn't get to camp, but look forward to doing so. The caves were very clean. Nice to have a spelunking area that is not covered in graffiti or glass. Thanks for the fun!

From Staff on 07/23/15

Sara, it's possible that your husband may be remembering Roman Nose State Park in Watonga or Boiling Springs State Park in Woodward, because there are no spring fed swimming pools at Alabaster Caverns State Park. There was a regular swimming pool at one time, but it was removed in 2001. Thank you for using!

From Sara Kendall on 07/23/15

My husband remembers a spring-fed swimming pool either in the park or very close by. This was years and years ago. Is the pool still there?

From Tiffany Kizer on 07/15/15

I've been to the caverns a few times. The last time I've actually been there was back in 2007. Never been treated badly and hopefully my family and I can go again.

From Lexi on 06/26/15

I have been to Alabaster Caverns many times. I've never been treated badly. It's always been a lot of fun. Don't judge by the negative comments. Go and enjoy!

From Teppi Hannon on 06/23/15

I am from Oklahoma and have never visited the cavern, but I reviewed this page to learn more about the experience. The post by Mike, Park Manager in response to Jeremy a guest was very off putting. If Mike's rude and inappropriate response to someone's review is considered appropriate behavior by the Oklahoma Department of parks and recreation this is a poor representation of the park and of our state. Mike's response makes me reconsider visiting the park.

From Mike, Park Manager on 06/03/15

Jeremy, We encourage our guides to take the information that they learned in their training and make the tour their own so that people can learn different aspects of the cavern on each of their visits. If a guide were to point out everything in the cavern it would literally take hours for one tour. I'm sure if you had mentioned the items you wanted to see during your tour that your guide would have been glad to show those to you. The possibility also exists that you stopping to point out other items that the guide didn't show would have caused the tour to feel rushed.

From Jeremy Hoover on 05/28/15

I love close enough to the park that I've went probably two dozen times. I've taken my kids several times along with our exchange students and many family members. I joke I've done the tour so much I could probably give it myself. Today we went and had a nice tour guide but was disappointed in the lack of pointing things out. Example would be the mouse on the ceiling and the huge rock that separated from the ceiling. Many times I stopped and pointed out to my family what she just walked past. It felt like it was hurried and even my kids stated they didn't enjoy this tour. There was only 5 of us in the group so I don't understand the rush. We left sad as this used to be a favorite spot of ours to visit on weekends. I don't know if we will be returning.

From Mike, Park Manager on 05/19/15

Brandy, I'm sorry you had a less-than-excellent experience while on tour of our Cavern. If you could provide me with a few more details, it would help me in making sure this problem doesn't happen again. Please email my at or call me at 580-621-3381.

From Brandy on 05/17/15

I visited the park on May 15th. While the park itself it beautiful, the employees we dealt with were extremely rude. Our tour guide acted as if she had something else she needed to do and rushed our school group through the main cavern. Based on her attitude, I wouldn't want to take the tour again.

From Mike, Park Manager on 05/12/15

Ava, We have many scout groups, both Boy Scout and Girl Scouts, visit the Cavern annually. We do have special group rates for youth groups such as yourself. To find out about those rates and to see what else might be going on, call the park office at 580-621-3381...we'll be waiting to hear from you!!!

From Mike, Park Manager on 05/12/15

Karen, The negative comments you have read from the past have been dealt with in a positive manner. I'm more than sure you and your family will enjoy your trip to Alabaster Caverns. Check out the programs associated with our Fantastic may help you figure out what timeframe to visit.

From Ava Wright on 05/11/15

Considering this location for a jaunt for my Girl Scouts troop. They are all over age 9 and eager to explore their world

From Karen Matheny on 05/11/15

I would like to take my kids here to camp and go on the tour, but I am wary after reading all the negative reviews here and on tripadvisor. I would hate for a nice family trip to be ruined by a bad experience. What are you doing to curtail the negative reviews about the tour guides?

From Staff on 05/06/15

Keeley, please give Alabaster Caverns State Park a call at 580-621-3381, and they will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have. Thank you for using!

From Keeley on 05/06/15

We need more info about the safety and story about how it was made and about how safe it would be for children.

From Staff on 04/27/15

Diana, unfortunately there are no cabins at Alabaster Caverns State Park, just tent and RV sites. However, you can find nearby privately owned lodging by clicking 'Lodging within 15 miles' under the map feature on this page. Have a great trip and thank you for using!

From Diana Williamson on 04/27/15

I want to bring my granddaughter on her visit from WA this summer. Do you have cabins to rent? If do, how do I contact them? Thanks!

From Debbie from Alabaster on 04/25/15

No, Dana, thank you for asking but tent sites are first come first serve.

From Dana on 04/24/15

Do we need to make are reservation for tent sites?

From Staff on 04/13/15

Javier, there are no state park cabins at Alabaster Caverns State Park, just tent and RV sites. However, you can find nearby privately owned lodging by clicking 'Lodging within 15 miles' under the map feature on this page. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Javier carias on 04/12/15

I need information for price for one night cabin two bedroom for 06/13/15. price is for person or cabin ?

From Park Manager on 03/30/15

Meridith, we take all four major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

From Meridith Saunders on 03/28/15

do you all take Visa or is it cash only?

From Staff on 03/11/15

Don, thanks for your interest, but there are no mountain biking trails at Alabaster Caverns State Park. Hiking is allowed, however. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 580-621-3381. Have a great day and thank you for using!

From Don on 03/11/15

Are mountain bikes permitted on the trails there?

From Jami on 03/08/15

I remember this place as a kid and I went back as a teen. I love this place! As a mom now I cannot wait to share this park and the cave tour with my children! It is truly a must see and experience place!!

From Paul Odom on 03/08/15

Clean well kept facilities. Great tour. Well worth the trip from okc. We stopped In Selina and ate at Oklahoma hills cafe both ways. Overall awesome day

From Park Manager on 11/24/14

Michael, thank you for taking the time to comment about your experiences at the Caverns. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

From michael on 11/22/14

I've read a lot of negative reviews, but my tour was very pleasant. I'm dubious of the complaints.

From Mari on 10/26/14

Glad I have taken the time to read through the comments dated as far as a year back. Sadly it appears the park is more interested in making a buck. I wonder if there has been a change over in staff since. Might be the only way our family would visit. And, believe me I get the whole preservation of Bats and Cave thing. I could Not tolerate being rushed through such an incredible moment. I so wanted to visit.

From Staff on 10/14/14

Mike, dogs are allowed on the park grounds and buildings as long as they are on a leash, but because of the unique ecosystem within the cavern, they are not allowed on tour. For more information, please call the park office at 580-621-3381. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Mike Weiss on 10/13/14

Can a small dog go on tour of cavern

From Park assistant on 09/26/14

Jenise, the tent sites are first-come-first-serve.

From Jenise Culp on 09/26/14

We are coming to Alebaster State Park on Oct 18-20. Do we need to reserve tent sites or is it first-come-first-serve?

From Park Manager on 09/21/14

Katy, Strollers are not allowed in the cavern simply because of the number of stairs, guests usually end up carrying both the child and the stroller. Baby backpacks and slings are allowed, if that is an option for you.

From Katy on 09/20/14

Are strollers allowed?

From Staff on 09/08/14

Kathy, pets are allowed on the park grounds and buildings as long as they are on a leash, but because of the unique ecosystem within the cavern they are not allowed on tour. For more information, please call the park office at 580-621-3381. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Kathy on 09/07/14

Where are pets allowed or not allowed?

From Park Manager on 09/02/14

Alyssa, People 13 years old and over are going to be $10,00 per person, 6-12 year olds are $7.00 per person and 5 & under are free, 62 & over and active-duty military with ID are $8.00.

From Alyssa on 09/01/14

Planning on coming up this weekend with a few kids. How much for cost for adults and how much for children?

From Park Manager on 08/23/14

Stacy, Rhonda, I’m sorry to hear of the less than satisfactory tour you had thru Alabaster Caverns earlier this month. I’m glad you brought this to my attention. Your guide has been with us less than a month and we have had a conversation regarding your experiences so that she may continue to improve her Cavern Tour presentation. That being said, you have to understand that we have to have guidelines for our Cavern Tours that everyone has to abide by or we simply could not operate. Some peoples’ opinion of these guidelines do not always come into line with the wishes of our park guests. For example, may I remind you that at the counter where you purchased tickets as well as outside of the park office is a sign noting that the tour is 45 minutes in length and that the tour path may be wet and uneven. Also, when you purchased your tickets it was mentioned to you that the taking of photographs were allowed ONLY if they did not slow down the progress of the tour. Guidelines simply have to be in place and followed so that everyone gets an enjoyable experience as they tour Alabaster Caverns. If you feel the need I would be glad to discuss this matter further. You may reach me at the park’s telephone number 580-621-3381 or email

From Staci on 08/18/14

The tour at 2 on 8/18/14 was quite a negative experience for me. This was my first time visiting. It was very rushed. As Rhonda stated in the review below, the lights were timed, and we were left running to catch up with the group. We were not lagging behind, we were about five feet from the group in front of us. About fifteen minutes into the tour, the three year old in the group in front of us started to cry, and the tour guide stopped, came up to the family and scolded them asking are you sure she can handle this? I am not sure what would have happened if they would have said no, we were no where near the entrance. Also, at one point we were left in the dark. I was screaming because I was very scared. The family in front of us were terrified too, they were very grateful we had cell phone flash lights. It was pitch black. The tour guide then scolded us saying we were taking too long. Again, we were five feet from the people in front of us. The tour ended with me being slammed against the door of the van when the tour guide took off. The group with us in the van were shocked and commented on this. I could have been hurt. I was still standing when she sped off. Not a family friendly tour, nor was it a safe one. Rushing us through the cave with a slippery floor was not a fun experience. Skip the caverns and visit the salt plains or the gloss mountains instead!

From Rhonda on 08/18/14

I've been to Alabaster Caverns 5 times now. It's been about 7 years since my last visit. I was excited for my friend to experience the cavern. We arrived about 45 minutes before the 2pm tour on 8/17/2014, bought our tickets and then decided to hike around a little and take in the beautiful view before the tour started. I insisted with her to stay in the back of the line to be able to take pictures and be able to look around inside the cavern. The tour guide explained the lights were timed now which surprised me because they hadn’t been before, but thought understandable due to the bats and natural habitat of the cave. The group was about 20 or less people and we were rushed, barely time for pictures or questions. The tour guide gave little information about the cave compared to the previous tour guides I’ve had in the past visits. Several times we along with a family of five were left running to stay inside of the lights going off and at one point we were left in total darkness away from the group, which scared my friend who had never been in a cave before. We had to fumble for the flash lights on our cell phones to have light enough to run catchup with the group then only to be told we’re past the 45 minute limit I told you the lights go out. I was so disappointed there was no time for many pictures or questions because we had to stay ahead of lights turning off. SO DISAPPOINTED! When the tour ended the family of 5 and us waited for the van to return for us and they were also very disappointed with the tour guide. What shocked us most is when getting into the van my friend just closed the door and while still standing the van took off throwing her against the door and then into the seat, the tour guide was driving way to fast with us in the van with no seat belts and small children in the van. Due to this experience I will recommend that no one visit there again.

From Pastor Philip Hudson on 08/06/14

I want to thank everyone who worked at the Caverns on Saturday, August 2. We had a great tour! Our tour guide was patient with our group of kids and she was a good speaker. Those at the front desk were patient with us even though we arrived late for our appointment. They kindly got us in on the next available tour. The restroom facilities were clean. The picnic grounds are nice as well. We enjoyed our picnic lunch. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

From Park Manager on 07/29/14

Phillips, I'm sorry for your experience on our cavern tour. Taking photos in the cavern does have a tendency to slow the tours down which in turn causes the programmed lighting system to shut off, leaving some of our guests in the dark. Please know that we are aware of the problem and have put into motion some practices that will should remedy this situation. Thank you for your comment. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

From Staff on 07/29/14

Alexis, unfortunately we don't know of any area canoe or kayak outfitters, but the staff at Alabaster Caverns State park might. Please give them a call at 580-621-3381. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Alexis on 07/29/14

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any opportunities around the Alabaster Caverns area to Canoe/Kayak. We would need an outfitter since we don't have our own boats/life jackets. Thank you!

From Phillips on 07/28/14

My mother and her sisters went Into the caverns and were left behind many time during the tour because of the people in front of her was taking pictures and the lights were turned off before they could catch up. The tour company said it was my mother and her sisters fault, but it was the people in front of them. The tour guides were very rude and I think this is descrimination to people older than 60. This is very disappointing.

From Staff on 07/27/14

Scott, the tour takes about 45 minutes to complete. For more information, please click the 'Read More' button under the description on this page. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Scott on 07/26/14

How many minutes is the tour?

From Park Manager on 07/19/14

Thanks for the kind words, Mrs. Weeks. We're glad you had such an enjoyable time here at the Caverns from your childhood to the present. Hope to see you again real soon.

From Mrs.Weeks on 07/19/14

My wedding was inside Alabaster Caverns the staff was so friendly and so helpful!!! It was an amazing unique venue and reasonably priced! I will always have a special place for the caves in my heart from taking field trips there as a child, taking high school pictures there, and having my wedding there!!! It's awesome and I would recommend everyone to check it out!!!

From Staff on 07/09/14

April, you're more than welcome to put your tent on a site with electric hookups, just keep in mind you'll be paying a bit extra. Primitive tent sites are $12 and RV sites with electric and water hookups are $20. If you have any questions, please call 580-621-3381. Happy camping and thank you for using!

From April on 07/09/14

Can I use the RV site for tent camping I like having the electric

From Park Manager on 07/06/14

Shawna, We do not have any cabins at the park but you might try Cedar Canyon Lodge. They are next to the park and have cabins and rooms both 580-621-3258.

From shawna on 07/05/14

Do you have cabins tourists can rent?

From Park Manager on 07/03/14

Joshua, Our RV sites are $20.00 per night, they are 30 amp service and are considered semi-modern having water and electricity at the site. The RV pads are in excess of 30 feet in length with an asphalt drive.

From Joshua on 07/02/14

What are the accommodations and rates for the rv sites? Are there 50A hookups? Any restrictions on size of the rv? Are water, electric and sewage all included?

From Park Manager on 06/25/14

Tracy, We do have a resident population of a little over 6,000 bats. They are easiest to see during their hibernation cycle in the winter but you can see them occasionally during the spring and fall before they move into areas of the cavern where the tour does not go.

From Tracy on 06/25/14

Are there bats in this cave?

From Park Manager on 06/23/14

Ann, Before I can or will respond in any way to this comment, I need more detail than what you have included such as dates, times, etc. Please contact the park office at 580-621-3381 or email at

From Ann on 06/22/14

Awful tour of the caverns. During the tour there was a person that needed medical attention 20 minutes into the tour. The tour was stopped and we had to walk a section of the cavern in the dark to exit the caverns. This place is ill equipped for emergencies and I was told there is no refunds even if the tour has to end for some reason.

From Staff on 06/19/14

Alisha, dogs are allowed on the park grounds and buildings as long as they are on a leash, but because of the unique ecosystem within the cavern, they are not allowed on tour. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Alisha on 06/19/14

Hi, I was wondering if we are permitted to bring dogs to the cave sites. We are planning a trip soon and we normally take our dog hiking with us.

From Park Manager on 06/16/14

Richard, We do allow tents on our RV campsites and we do reserve those RV campsites, which would be an option. Even though we only have 12 tentsites, they rarely fill up unless there is something going on locally. Give us a call at the park office at 580-621-3381 and we can give you a little more direction on your request.

From Richard Barnes on 06/14/14

Tent campsites are first come first serve it says but is there and way to reserve at-least one spot? I'm traveling on a cross country road trip and I would love to stay at alabaster but with the closest backup campsite 30 minutes away I'd rather know I have a spot, even more so considering you only have 12 tent sites.

From Park Manager on 06/09/14

Niki, Pets are allowed on the park grounds and buildings as long as they are on a leash but because of the unique ecosystem within the cavern, they are not allowed on tour.

From Niki on 06/08/14

I read Pets allowed...does that include inside the caverns? We are traveling and will not even consider stopping if we cannot take our small dog with us.

From Park Manager on 06/05/14

Hi Tracy, Unless the asthma condition is severe you shouldn't have any problems going through the Cavern at all. With humidities of 90% or so in the Cavern, dust will not be a problem at all.

From Tracy on 06/04/14

Are there any concerns about touring the caves for people with asthma due to dust, & mold?

From Austins on 05/26/14

We toured the cavern this morning after driving up yesterday. We stayed at the Lodge and although there was a mix-up about check-in, they had a spacious and clean room for us with surprisingly soft beds. We enjoyed Kim and our other tour guide, who was in the back with us and offered several extra tidbits as we walked through. They were also very understanding about our 2-year-old crying in the beginning of the cavern. Our only disappointment was the lady my husband bought the tickets from, she was quite abrupt and short about the page to read about the level of activity required for the tour. Other than that a nice family trip we and our 5-year-old will remember for quite a while.

From Park Manager on 05/26/14

That's great, Christian!!! We hope to see you and your family again in the near future.

From Christian on 05/25/14

Had a great tour this weekend with my family. All park staff were helpful, professional, and cheerful and made for a great visit. We had a great time on the tour and exploring the above-ground areas in the park. Thanks!

From Staff on 05/22/14

Elisha, the guided tour takes approximately 45 minutes. If you have any questions, please call 580-621-3381. Have a great day and thank you for using!

From Elisha Rusgrove on 05/22/14

How long does the guided tour take

From Park Manager on 05/21/14

Hi Jonathan. Rain and bad weather don't stop our cavern tours. We don't see evidence of even a heavy rain in the cavern for several hours afterwards if then. If the bad weather you speak about involves tornadoes, etc...what better place to be than a cave!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

From Jonathan on 05/21/14

Do you still have the cave tours if it is raining or bad weather out?

From Park Manager on 05/20/14

Jeff, besides the locations mentioned by staff, about 45 miles west of Alabaster Caverns is Fort Supply Reservoir. It is a Corps of Engineers lake and quiet a bit larger than the others.

From Staff on 05/19/14

Jeff, the closest areas for fishing will be at Boiling Springs State Park or the Crystal Beach Park & Lake, which are both in Woodward roughly a half an hour drive south. You can find out more information about each of these places by using our search bar above. A fishing license should be all you'll need, but it's always best to check beforehand by calling the number listed on the page for whatever destination you plan to visit. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Jeff on 05/19/14

Is there anywhere near by whet you can fish ? If so is anything besides a fishing license needed

From Park Manager on 05/15/14

So that all of our guests get the full enjoyment of the one-of-a-kind lighted Cavern tour without having to rush or become confused with the usage of multiple hand-held light sources, and so that we may protect the beauty of the Cavern as well as its unique ecosystem, there are rules put in place that outline the tour times and what can and cannot be taken into the Cavern. We’re sorry if this conflicts with some people’s wishes or desires but it must be done in order to ensure that the Cavern will be here for others to experience long after we have gone.

From Chris on 05/13/14

I brought a pen light flash light on the cave tour and the guide seen it and told me You're Not suppose to have that! So if you want to see for yourself forget it..

From doug on 05/09/14

I was with Sheila and it was un believable the way we were treated. The fluffy lady with a large posterior was nothing but unfriendly. We took the opportunity to share our experience with everyone in waynoka, which they has already heard. Very sad. The volume of people that move through Little Sahara Will know of this situation. The state of oklahoma needs to deal with these bad people. They suck.

From Staff on 05/09/14

Sheila, we're sorry about your recent experience at Alabaster Caverns State Park. Just to let you know, your comments have also been passed along to our State Parks Department. If you would also like to speak to the park manager at Alabaster Caverns State Park, you can reach them at 580-621-3381. Best wishes and thank you for using

From sheila staab on 05/09/14

My following comment took a lot of time to get it go through, as they must have lots of filters, etc.

From sheila staab on 05/09/14

I have read comments about rude staff, and similar encounters of our problem. For a couple weeks ago when traveling through the area We walked in the door at nine we were greeted and I responded nine tour of the cave.

From sheila staab on 05/09/14

She then turned around looked at the clock, nine one minute and thirty seconds

From sheila staab on 05/09/14

and responded that we were too late and would have to wait for the ten.

From sheila staab on 05/09/14

I then said, 2 minutes,

From sheila staab on 05/09/14


From Sheila Staab on 05/09/14

She looked in the office, looked back and just grinned.... I then referred to reading about others making the same comments, and not being impressed. We have toured caves all over the country, and never seen this rude of help. Did I mention we were the ONLY ones in the parking lot and building. Most of the tours we have gone on have been privately owned, which makes me wonder if Oklahoma knows they have such lazy state employees!!!! We did not stay, for I am not giving them my money!!!

From Staff on 01/17/14

Trinity, please give Alabaster Caverns State Park a call at 580-621-3381, and they'll be able to give you more information on guided group tours and more. Have a great day and thank you for using!

From trinity Perrin on 01/17/14

I was wondering if I can find out more information on bringing a girl scout troop up about 15 people.

From Park Manager on 11/20/13

Hi Julia, Depending on exactly where you live in the OKC area, it will be about a 3-hour drive or approximately 180 miles. Have a safe trip and we will be looking for you!

From julia on 11/19/13

I have never been there and would like to know how long it takes to get there from okc?

From Park Manager on 11/17/13

Lonnie, I'm not sure what you have heard but the bats killed by the wind turbines in the U.S. is considered by many conservation groups as insignificant. The latest numbers relating to bat deaths, again in the U. S., from wind turbines is less than one bat per year/per wind turbine. Thank you for your concern regarding bats, they are such interesting little mammals.

From Lonnie E. Schubert on 11/17/13

How much longer will there be bats? How long before the windmills kill them all?

From Mike H. on 10/28/13

I've explore

From Park Manager on 10/25/13

Concerned Mom, Every precaution is taken to make sure that our visitors have a safe and enjoyable cavern tour. Our guests are much safer in the cavern than they are traveling to and from it.

From Concerned Mom on 10/24/13

My son will be touring Alibaster Caverns as part of his school field trip. I am not able to attend, and am a bit of a worrier. Are the caverns completely safe? Do I need to worry about my son while he is down in the caves?? What kinds of inspections are done, and how often, in order for the Caverns to remain open to the public?

From Danny and Renee on 10/19/13

We just returned from a few days at the park. With both the cave tour and the miles of hiking trails we had a wonderful time. The cave tour was amazing. We were able to show up a few minutes before the hour when we wanted to do the tour and we started the tour right on time. The tour took about 45 minutes and was a great tour. Our guide was very professional, polite and informative. We kept moving to do the tour in a timely manner but were not rushed in any way, we were able to take all the pictures we wanted and have all our questions answered. She also pointed out many details we would have missed and gave the history of them. Thanks for the great tour. we will come back in the future.

From Park manager on 10/03/13

Amanda, Our park does take reservations for RV sites, which you can set a tent on if you'd like, as well as tour times. Our tent sites are not well enough defined to be able to take reservations. Call the park for additional information.

From Amanda on 10/03/13

Why would your facility not take reservations? How do you expect people who have a long distance to drive to come to your park? We really would love to camp here but I'm not driving 4-5 hours on a chance that there MIGHT be an available spot when we get there. Just something you might want to consider.

From Park Manager on 10/02/13

Hi KG, you are correct, being a state park we are not affected by the government shutdown. We will be having tours promptly on the hour from 9 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday. As far as the new Halloween tour is concerned, we have had a problem beyond our control and have had to cancel it this October. Look for it again next October!!!

From KG on 10/02/13

We were planning a trip this weekend. Wanted to confirm the government shut down did not affect you being open. I would assume not since it is a state park, but wanted to double check. Also read a comment about your new Halloween tour. Has it started yet and can you please give me more information on it? Thank you very much.

From Teresa on 09/24/13

My husband had been through Alabaster Caverns as a young boy and I had never been there. We drove from Wichita, KS. We arrived at 11 45 on Sunday, September 22, 2013 and the tour guide guided us down towards the cave at noon. Ten of us stood at the entrance waiting for better than 10 minutes and none of us knew what we were waiting on. Pretty soon here came two more people and now it was well after the scheduled time to start the tour. The tour was now running late. We had brought our cameras to get some pictures of the cave. The tour guide was in such a BIG HURRY! It was not our fault. We were not late, but we were paying for the two that we had been made to wait for. We wanted to stop to get some pictures but we did not have time. We were so RUSHED! Their bottom line is about the money and how many they can get on the tour and keep the schedule. It is not about letting you have time to take any pictures or time to look around. I would not recommend this tour to anyone! We were very disappointed.

From alexus gray on 09/16/13

it is awesome i went there on a school feild trip its pretty cool we got to go in little spaces the tour guid turned off the lights for a min and let us see like a bat does in the dark!

From Park Manager on 08/01/13

Thank you Donnie for the kind comments. We try to make each and every visit something that people want to share with others!!! Hope to see you at some of our special programs later in the year.

From Donnie McCall on 08/01/13

We were there years ago and still tell friends and family about it. Its a must go place in Oklahoma.

From Jennifer Lathern on 07/29/13

I was there on July 28,2013 and it was the most horrible experience ever. The staff was very rude to everyone of us. I had a group of 20 with 13 being children. we were so rushed with everything and I even asked the tour guide why everyone had to be so rude, and her explanation was they were a State Park and they were on a time schedule. Which didn't constitute any of them to be so rude. there is a tour every hour on the hour until closing they said. so if we were stuck in the cave for over twenty minutes, due to a faulty lock that the staff could not unlock.I am guessing the next group didn't get their money's worth!. They were probably rushed more than our group. As we were trying to get everyone gathered and down the steps to the cave one of the staff looks at me and say, and I quote,You need to hurry up she is waiting on you!. This is a short version of our horrible experience. The comment section is not big enough for the long version!

From Park Staff on 07/22/13

Vickie, unless it is a group outing, camping is by the site. Tent sites are $12 per night and semi-modern RV sites are $20 per night. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the park office and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

From Vickie Dahnke on 07/22/13

I don't see the price of camping fees. Is there one and is it per person or site or ??? Thanks, Vickie

From Staff on 07/08/13

Jeff, thank you for thinking of Alabaster Caverns State Park for your scout trip! If you just want a campsite, you do not need reservations. However, for the guided tour and wild caving, you will need to check in with the park office. Ticket prices for the cave tour are $8 for adults, $10 for children ages 6-12 and free for children under 5. The wild caving, which lets you explore four undeveloped caves, does require a permit. To obtain a permit, there must be three people in your party including a responsible adult 18 years of age or older, and each individual must have in their possession a hard hat, three independent light sources, a long sleeve shirt, long pants or coveralls, high-topped shoes, water and a first aid kit. Knee pads and gloves are recommended. A check-out time of 3pm is strictly enforced. If you have any questions, please give the park a call at 580-621-3381. Have a great trip and thank you for using!

From jeff on 07/06/13

Bringing a scout troop this weekend about 8 total. We just need a I need reservations? We will want to do the guided tour, wild caving, and I saw a note about geocaching. Coming Thursday...leaving Saturday...we are excited to come.

From Park Staff on 06/27/13

We look forward to seeing your group. No better place to be when it's 100+ degrees outside!!!

From Disna Reeder on 06/26/13

Some of us are planning a ride this coming Saturday. We are in wichita KS and some are vets. Looking forward to the ride.

From Park Staff on 06/18/13

Gina, Right now the bats are moving around quite a bit. If you are on an early tour of the day, you may get to see a couple bats. If you are really into bats, you might try coming in the wintertime when the bats are hibernating near the pathway. It's not unusual to see several hundred bats during that time of year.

From Gina on 06/18/13

Do you see bats in the caverns?

From Staff on 06/18/13

Jenifer, the closest areas for swimming will be the pool at Boiling Springs State Park or the Crystal Beach Park & Lake, which are both in Woodward roughly a half an hour drive. You can find out more information about each of these places by using our search bar above. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Jenifer on 06/18/13

We are planning a trip with kids to the albaster caverns and were wondering if there is anywhere to swim close by?

From Staff on 06/04/13

Sara, all of Oklahoma's state parks are on a fee schedule of $12 per night for a primitive tent site, $20 per night for a site with water and electric hookups and $23 for a site with full hookups. A handful of state parks also have premium sites, like at the water’s edge, that go for an additional $5 per night. There are a total of 11 RV sites at Alabaster Caverns State Park, each of which have water and electric hookups. If you have any questions, please call the park staff at 580-621-3381. Thank you for using!

From Sara on 06/04/13

There is no pricing on the onsite lodging. How many RV sites are there, is it first come first serve, what is the price for full hookup, water and electric. Also are there any camping discounts for senior citizens, state employees, Oklahoma professional educators, etc.?

From Park Staff on 05/05/13

Shannon, the old Halloween tours are gone but this year we are beginning something to take their place. Check out The Tale of Jasper Eagon, a lantern tour that will make you heart beat just a little quicker than normal.

From Shannon on 05/05/13

When I was in high school in Coldwater, KS we would load up a group and go down to take a tour through Halloween!!! We loved it and would love to do that with my kiddos sometime if you still do it!!! it was amazing.... Let me know if you still do you haunted tours for Halloween...

From Park Staff on 05/02/13

We look forward to your visit, Christy. Have a safe trip!!!

From Christy on 05/02/13

Planning a trip in mid May. Excited. Have toured several caves. Wlll be coming from dunes. Great reviews but hoping for friendly, knowledgeable guide. I will review after tour.

From Staff on 03/13/13

Noel, unfortunately the cave is not equipped for wheelchair accessibility. The cavern tour involves a strenuous walk of approximately 3/4 mile, during which visitors will climb or go down a total of 330 stair steps. Due to these natural features and conditions, the cave is always cool and damp. The tour path is, at places, narrow, wet, uneven or at a steep incline. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Noel on 03/13/13

Can someone in a wheelchair do the cave tour?

From Staff on 03/04/13

Rusty, sorry you're having issues finding the rates! All of Oklahoma state parks are on a fee scale of $12 a night for a primitive site without hookups, $20 per night for electric/water hookups and $23 a night for electric/water/sewer hookups. Unfortunately RV camping at Alabaster Caverns State Park is available on a first come, first serve basis, so no reservations are accepted. The staff will be able to give you a better idea of how busy they will be during a certain time, so give them a call at 580-621-3381 for more information. Happy camping and thank you for using!

From Rusty Maddox on 03/03/13

I don't see prices for rv camping sites.... am I just overlooking them? And, how far in advance do I need to make reservations?

From Staff on 02/11/13

Tara, cave camping is open April 1 through September 30 and costs $45. The group must consist of a minimum of three people with at least one being over the age of 21. For more information, click on 'Cave Camping' under Events or call 580-621-3381. Happy camping and thank you for using!

From Tara on 02/11/13

How much does the cave camping cost? I am not seeing it on your website here.

From Staff on 10/25/12

Kimberly, unfortunately there are no cabins for rent at Alabaster Caverns State Park. Just underneath the map, you'll see a 'find nearby' box. If you select lodging within 15 miles, you'll see three properties. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Kimberly on 10/25/12

Are there any cabins for rent at or near this park?

From Mike, Park Manager on 10/17/12

Ava, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience on your visit however, the tour times are posted on this site and both inside and outside our office building and states that the tours leave “promptly on the hour.” It is even more important that these times be observed during this time of year, being that we are operating on a reduced staff. In order to keep the times consistent, we rely on an atomic clock located next to our cash register where you purchase your tickets instead of wall clocks or wrist-watches that can vary depending upon their battery strength. Thank you for your comment, it helps us improve our operation and make our park better for our guests.

From Ava on 10/15/12

We spent the night hoping to do the tour the next morning, we arrived promptly at 9 they said we were 2 minutes too late and would have to wait an hour. We were the only people in the park. Will not return and would not recommend

From David and Bridget Wilkes on 09/27/12

I misprinted below. Wedding was held this year, 2012. Lol. Three time misprint, wife had to correct me. Thanks again to our guide Deb Foale, and Alabaster Caverns. Had a great time.

From David and Bridget Wilkes on 09/27/12

Would like to thank Alabaster Caverns State Park, and tour guide Deb Foale for our wedding which was held under the Heart Shaped Dome on September 15th of 2011. Our guide was courteous and informative during our ceremony. We originally went to Alabaster Caverns on our first date with her children ages 1 and infant of one month, carrying both thru the caverns, first kiss under Heart Shaped Dome. At that time the tour guide informed us that no one had been married in the cavern in almost half a century, near to 40 years. So when we decided to exchange vows we thought that there would be no better place than Alabaster Caverns Heart Shaped Dome.  We called and made arrangements and scheduled our wedding with no complications after filling out permit request. On September 15th 2011, we returned to the caves for our wedding ceremony, children now at the age of 7 and 6, old enough to carry rings this time through. Was a wonderful and memorable event. We would like to once again thank Alabaster Caverns and our tour guide Deb Foale for our unique wedding experience. We will continue to visit the cave afew times a year as we always have, but next time we go we hope to hear the tour guide say how they had a wedding there in 2011. Maybe our guide will be Deb, if not maybe they will implement the fact into there tour dialog. Regardless, the Wilkes family would like to say thank you again to Alabaster Caverns and it's care takers, can't wait to revisit. Much Appreciation, David and Bridget Wilkes.

From Staff on 08/27/12

Porter - The maximum number of people allowed on a tour of Alabaster Caverns is 40. Thank you for visiting!

From Porter Rigby on 08/26/12

Troop 875 might possibly be going to Alabaster Caverns soon. What is the limit of people on one tour? Thanks !

From Staff on 08/17/12

Konnie, please contact the park directly at 580-621-3381 or email for more information on geocaching. Thank you for using and have a great time at the Wild Caving event!

From Konnie Robinson on 08/17/12

Boy Scout Troop 776 of Goddard, Kansas will be Wild Caving this weekend. We have a few guys interested in Geocaching, with GPS units. Does your park have any Geocaches to find? If so, may we get the coordinates and hints? Thanks!

From Staff on 07/23/12

Amber, thank you for your interest in taking your family to Alabaster Caverns State Park! We've added prices for the cave tours to the page above.

From Alabaster Caverns staff on 07/21/12

Hi Sam. Please email us at

From Sam on 07/21/12

Is there an Email contact for this park?

From Amber Avery on 07/21/12

As a child I've been here now I'm a mother of 3----13,11,8! I know things change within time. Could someone please tell me what the pricing is. I'm wanting to bring my children before summer is over. Thank you

From Damion on 06/29/12

Had an awesome family trip from South Dakota! Clean park an bathrooms. Thank you to are tour guide Sheila.

From Marion on 06/26/12

I would like to add for the benefit of park management that recent negative comments re a rude guide are also found on

From Marion on 06/26/12

I see there have been recent complaints about a rude tour guide, June 2012. Has this recently been addressed by management? We plan a trip there on Jul 6th, but would like some assurance that we'll have a good guide. Thank you.

From Lainy on 06/25/12

Came yesterday from Woodward for the 4 oclock tour. We got there at exactly 4, ready to leave and all but The lady upfront Debra and a young blonde told me we had to wait until 5. Not happy sincevthe sign said tours leave promptly at the top of the hour!!! Our tour guide for the 5 Shelia was awesome and very informative. Thank you!!

From Allie and family on 06/14/12

Tora was our tour guide. Friendly, informative, and above all pleasant. The too younger girls running the gift shop were just as pleasing, thanks for a good family trip.

From Daniel on 06/14/12

Had an amazing time at the caves! Sheila was our tour guide. She was very informative and loved my kids silly questions. After reading negative comments on here I think that some tourist just get upset about not getting their way. 45 minutes was a perfect amount of time in the cave. The other park troopers were awesome! Don't let the negative nacys on here stray you from an amazing visit! Coming back next year!!!!!

From Cathy on 06/13/12

My family and I have been through the cave tour many times and have enjoyed every visit! As a child my mom and dad also took me and my siblings to tour the caverns. Never a disappointment. It saddens to read the negative comments. I have been on tours when the tourist didn't get their way and wanted to take it out on the staff. There are always two sides to a story as well. Yes, it is damp, yes, it is slick...we have been warned of this each time. We were asked to read a sign before the tour so that we and our party would be aware of what we would encounter on the tour. By the way, that also told us how long the tour would take. I want all to have a great experience and encourage anyone wanting to visit to do so. Thank you to this terrific state for what it has to offer!!!

From Mike on 06/11/12

Thank you Susan for your kind comments. We are extremely glad that you and your family enjoyed your time at the Caverns!!! We hope you will join us again sometime very soon.

From Susan on 06/10/12

Had a great time at the caves. We had a younger tour guide. I didn't see any rudeness from the staff, but yet from the fellow visitors, made me question how factual these last comments have been. Thank you for providing such a great family spot & hospitality!

From Tandy, former Park Naturalist on 06/08/12

As of April 13th, I accepted a wildlife biologist position and am no longer at Alabaster Caverns but I am still offering education programs in the area as my schedule allows. Thanks to those who have asked about me. I appreciate it!

From Staff on 06/07/12

Christine, although we always welcome your visit, a tour of Alabaster Caverns may be a challenge for a two year old and the grownups that may have to carry her through some of the steeper areas of the cavern. It may be a better first time visit when she's a little older? Just some food for thought and thank you for using

From Christine on 06/07/12

Want to bring my daughter-in-law and 2 year grandaughter but I am worried about the comments of unfriendlyness. We would be there for the last tour of the day as we are dropping my daughter off in Alva for a leadership conference. Should I wait for another time or when my grandaughter is older? I went several years ago to the cavern and my family and I had a great time. I want their first time to be just as great! Please let me know. We were planning on being their tomorrow.

From Staff on 06/05/12

Tom, we appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. We value your customer feedback and have passed your message along to park officials. Thank you for supporting travel in Oklahoma and your obvious state pride.

From Tom on 06/05/12

Cave is still a wonderful site to see. Tour guide problem still exists. Lady at the front desk wasn't really rude but short with answers and not very friendly. Tour guide, younger lady, acted bored and seemed to want to get the tour over with as soon as possible. Wish management would correct what seems to be an ongoing problem. I hate to think what people from out of the state or country think about Oklahoma hospitality after encountering these ladies.

From Lacy on 05/23/12

I came here as a kid and really want to bring my best friend to see this awesome cave, but I have to say I will NOT be coming until I hear that the tour guides that have been hired are passionate and polite! When I went as a girl, our guide was amazing! It's so sad to think such a beautiful attraction is getting ruined by lazy staff, and apparently disinterested management.

From Pamdal on 05/22/12

Horrible tour, but beautiful cave. Our tour guide who was a larger lady was very rude and kept telling us to not touch the dirt or algae and to keep up. She couldn't answer hardly any of our questions eaither. Hopefully different guide next visit.

From Sausa on 05/12/12

Amazing. We will be coming back next year. Loved our tour guide. She knew so much. Thanks Shiela!

From pam wiyninger on 04/30/12

we were there 20 years ago had a male tour guide that was fantastic. sorry to see all these complaints as I was planing on taking my young teenage grand children. guess ill address park management before i drive from choctaw ok to freedom

From Elio on 04/22/12

After reading the comments about the tour guide situation being dealt with, I braved a 3 hour drive with my family of 5 to visit the caverns. I am sure that the guide is the same worker. Here is what happened. First, when we entered into the office and asked about caving she told us to read the sign. Second, she said that there was so much mud that it would be past our ankles and our shoes could fall off. Third, when we say a family return from the cave tour, there was hardly a trace of mud. She clearly did not want to give the tour. Truly a shame. I timed the tour. It was an uneventful 32 minutes. I felt like I let my family down by bringing them here. We all love caves, but this was by far the worst experience. We also bought our son a 15 dollar plastic hard hat and paid in cash and the merchandise was not entered nor the cash put in the register. I am truly sorry for the management if the have a passion for parks and activities and have to suffer with having lazy and rude staff. BEWARE!

From donna on 04/09/12

toilets and showers in the grop camp area? doesn't show up on the map.......

From Tandy, Park Naturalist on 02/15/12

Highway 14 north of Waynoka is now open but most of the signs are still posted.

From Tandy, Park Naturalist on 01/28/12 looks like the bridge repairs on Hwy 14 north of Waynoka will continue through February or later.

From Bob Rick on 01/12/12

Alabaster Caverns is awesome! Last year I went there with my Boy Scout troop. We did the guided tour and visited 3 of the wild caves. Bring coveralls if you go through ice stalagmite cave. Best trip I've been on.

From Tandy, Park Naturalist on 12/17/11

Please note that if you are coming to the area, Highway 14 north of Waynoka is closed for bridge repairs. It should reopen to the public in January or February.

From Sharon on 10/09/11

Thank you for the update .. I look forward to our trip there ..

From owner on 10/04/11

Hello Sharon and Dana,rnWe can understand your concern with a problem tour guide. To set your mind at ease, the tour guide problem has been dealt with and we would love to see you at The Caverns on your next "get-away."rnAlabaster Caverns' staff

From Sharon on 09/30/11

I would like to know if the problem with the rude tour guides been corrected .. I'd love to bring my family, but refuse to spend our valueable time and money if this is the attitude of the employees.

From dana on 09/19/11

Interested in visiting but do not want to go if the same tour guide is there as expressed in the comments from last few months

From hillbilly dilley on 08/15/11

First of all tour guide start it off by saying someone wasn't paying attention to the clicker and let 6 extra people on this tour so we're gonna have to step it up then a little ways into the cave she said are we all here in someone said no there's a few more people behind us a little ways and she said didn't everyone read the sign they only give us 45 minutes 2 tour the cave and at 1point a little boy said it's just a cave and old man said you are the rudest lady I've ever met and I know they have to stay on schedule the lady only talked about the cave 3 times in complained the rest the time this is my fourth time to visit the cave in the other 3 times the guieds were very nice in explained a lot about the cave the alabaster caverns is a very awesome place but this makes me not want to come back for a couple of years and I know a few of the people on that probably will never go back please fix this problem

From Daphadill on 08/14/11

My boyfriend and I visited the cave in the beginning of our relationship and had the best time! Our Tour guide was so friendly, roll with the punches, tell you everything from silly shadows to rocks used as beds, to helping you up the stairs and out of the cave! Now lets talk about my families visit Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 4pm!! My boyfriend and I invited my mom and dad and cousin and we also brought my son to visit for their first times! They loved it! And that's all fine but the experience could have been So much better! Our tour guide was rude, impatient, slanderous, basically just ready to be done. She at more than one occasion raised her voice to our group complaining of how slow We are! She yelled at an elderly man about keeping up, didn't you read the signs, WE ONLY HAVE 45 MINUTES! KEEP UP! She made numerous snide remarks and ruined my experience as well as many other people in my group. I just wish I could remember her name! PS the park is gorgeous as is the cave! Take the tour but ask who worked when I went, See date above, and request a different one!!

From Shasta on 07/25/11

Our family was there on 7/23/11 and our tour guide spoke WAY to fast no one could understand her and while she asked if there were any questions throughout the tour, she constantly reminded us that we were on a time schedule and rushed us along. She was not the most polite person either. Our family group of 16 people were all very unimpressed with her. We do not feel that we got a good tour at all. We love the park and have been going there for years, but this last weekend the guide was not good at all.

From Johnny Smith on 07/23/11

Awesome Cave but the tour guide lady was very rude and in a hurry, this is my second trip to the cave and I was very unimpressed with our tour lady., Last visit was great!!

From matt on 06/20/11

i use to work here and i had a blast and i learned so much not just about the cave its self but also about the animals that inhabit it and i would recommend this state park to all my friends and family to go see great for young kids and older folks also

From nikki on 11/19/10

Our family just got back from a overnight stay at Cedar Canyon Lodge, we went to the caverns. It was amazing we were very impressed. my 9 year old daughter wanted to go again the next day. we saw bats, and a lot of cool alabaster, etc.. a GREAT trip can not wait to go again. Cedar Canyon Lodge was GREAT also, great rooms at a good rate.

From KP on 08/15/10

Absolutely beautiful cavern to view, great price and kind staff.

From Ashley on 03/10/10

Not your usual show cave but worth a visit. Don't expect what you see in MO this is a different type of rock but still worth the day trip

From Jzilla on 02/22/10

My grandparents used to take my brother and I here as small kids and we loved it. Can't wait to share the experience with my kids.

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