Sleepy Hollow Cabins

Sleepy Hollow Cabins RR 4 Box 62-4
Broken Bow, OK 74728

Phone: 580-494-6320
Toll Free: 866-430-3438
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From sleepy hollow cabins on 06/20/14

this customer in question was evicted from the property for underage dringing as well as running around topless at the cabin... in clear visable sight of other campers.. we gave them three chances to turn down their radio, and tone the party down to no avail. as for children.. they had one child approx. 10 months old, and was partying while the baby slept..the 15 y was not their child but a 17-19 yr old boyfriend, along with 4 or five of his friends...when I rented to these people I was under the impression they were a family unit...what we got was a group of approx.12 people from 17 to 30 in age that wanted to party all night long, and disrupt my other patrons..please concider both sides before judging us..we are a family oriented business, and will not put up with wild drunken behavior....thanks management sleepy hollow cabins

From Disrespected on 06/25/12

Nightmare! We rented cabin 7 last weekend. Upon arrival, the owner of the cabins was sloppy DRUNK!! He finally pointed us to our cabin. We unloaded all of our stuff and started grilling burgers outside on the patio. We realized the bedding hadn't been washed and in the 2nd bedroom there was no bedding at all!! The Toilet still had waste splatter all over it as well as toothpaste splatter on the sink, counter, and mirror? The kids were fast asleep soon after that ages 5 to 17. My self and 2 other ladies were in the hot tub around 1am. And the men were sitting on the patio furniture when we hear a car wheeling through slinging rocks and revving the engine. The man has returned even more drunk than before staggering and telling us we need to keep it down. Which is a surprise to us because we were by no means loud! We had children asleep inside!!!! He continued to try to cause conflict and I told my group to go in and PACK our things because we were leaving! He didn't like that very much and began to threaten us. We were scared at is point so we called 911 for an officers assistance. He spun rocks all over our vehicles as he left again!! We left his property and met an officer across the street who escorted us to a hotel in Broken Bow. I would NOT recommend rent from Sleepy Hollow Cabins!!!! Worst experience ever!!!

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