Marsala's Italian Restaurant

Marsala's Italian Restaurant 1611 W Broadway Ave
Sulphur, OK 73086

Phone: 580-622-2066
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Marsala's Italian Restaurant in Sulphur offers delicious Italian cuisine in a comfortable, sit-down restaurant. Ample parking and an outdoor patio area with live plants greets patrons outside, while the interior features soft music, soft lighting and beautiful wood-topped tables. Begin your meal with an appetizer like fried mushrooms or mozzarella sticks, or munch on fresh-from-the-stone-oven hand made rolls delivered to your table with are great selection of dipping sauces..

In addition to hand-tossed-stone-oven-baked pizza and specialty sandwiches, Marsala's Italian ...

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  • Dining Type: Casual Dining

  • Entertainment: Live Entertainment

  • Facility Amenities: ADA Compliant, Children's Menu, Credit Cards Accepted, Full Service, Handicapped Parking, Outdoor Seating, Vegetarian Options Offered

  • Group Amenities: Accommodates Tour Groups, Bus/Motorcoach Parking, Group Rates Available, Private Dining Room

  • Meals Served: Dinner, Lunch





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From Jackuita M on 06/18/13

The bed and breakfast we visited had amazing food but when traveling we like to experience something we don't have in the places we've lived. There aren't any options of places in this town we have not eaten except here. My waitress a thin lady and host with two toned hair, were at expectation. Everything else left lots to be desired. Firstly the bread tasted like air. Not in the sense that its light and fluffy but under seasoned, there was no garlic or butter flavoring just simply something they called bread and we had to accept as that. I was suprised to see 7-10 other there but no one eating soon i found out why. The salads were a wedge of tomato, 1 shaving of carrot, mine the size of the 1 in the sentence, and half a bowl of lettuce because the dressing needed the other half of the bowl. The ranch was too tangy to called ranch. It seemed more like a vingarette. The waitress suggested spaghetti when we were stuck between three choices. She said everyone really likes our spaghetti. He got spaghetti 'the works', I got chicken parmigiana both have spaghetti. The chicken was rubbery making it really tough to cut through topped off with flavorless chese and marinara. The marinara and meat sauce tasted like canned stewed tomatoes, simply opened, heated and poured over our plates. His sausage, meatball, just one,and meat sauce were so bland you couldn't taste a difference between the three. Both dishes had a meat sauce but had no point to be on the plate because there was barely any meat in it and had no traditional sauce consistency. We couldn't figure out if it was the noodle needing to be drained better or the meat sauce being too watered down that made out plates so juicy and wet. When the waitress set my plate down a river of almost clear liquid pooled on the right side of my plate. I've never been to a Italian place that missed the mark so horribly on Italian food. I put salt, pepper, parmesan and pepper flakes to jazz it up and fight through it and just eat it but there was no fixing it. When I waved down the manager after two bites of each he told the waitress to help us. I told her my problem and she got the managers. Up until this point we were just simply not pleased with the standard of food. Next i become disatisfied with the manger. The manager explained he couldn't just charge us for what we ate like I suggested. The owner will have my hide, he said. As a customer who loves Italian and has never been disappointed in the many I've visited this place should be ashamed to display Italian on its windows and menu. I could have gotten better at Pizza Hut. The manger ended up charging us 50percent on the entire meal for below par food. He said he understood our dislike. I understood him to say he understood that this food is a poor imposter for edible Italian food. I am a district manager of a five fast food restaurants and I give my assistant managers more power in customer satisfaction than this manager said he had. I think he was lying for sympathy. I urge whomever reads this as a customer to not go to Marsala in sulphur. You'll be disappointed and if you are responsible for this 50 percent over charge please consider changing your standards they aren't fit for anyone. We were more satisfied with Carl's Jr for dinner since it was on the back to our B and B. We were charged slightly less for fast food that we can get Anywhere. Next time I visit this bed and breakfast ill make sure to eat all meals in house since their standards are leaps and bounds higher than marsala's.

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