Edmond Historic Ghost Tours

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Edmond Historic Ghost Tours N Blvd & W Danforth Rd
Edmond, OK 73034

Phone: 405-285-9700   405-715-1889
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Learn about the history of Edmond with a spooky tour of the Gracelawn Cemetery where many founding fathers of the city are buried. Tour guides dressed in late 1800s and early 1900s period costumes will scatter across the cemetery to play the parts of these deceased historical figures. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for these creepy reenactors as they bring the Edmond founding fathers back to life. Make your plans now, as this event with limited dates sells out quickly.

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From Becky Garrett on 10/07/14

My parents and my husband's parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and our son are buried there. I find this very upsetting. If this is a history lesson, why does it have to be at night. It wouldn't be near as disturbing if it was done during daylight hours as a valid history lesson, and not at the same time as Halloween activities.

From Chelsee on 10/06/14

My grandmother is buried in that cemetery and, while she is not a founder of Edmond, I would be honored for her story to be told and her legacy to live on. The possibility of setting up a mock cemetery at hafer park is a good idea too. Attend a meeting and present that suggestion. I'm not saying your opinions or concerns are not valid, but I do feel like you all have jumped to conclusions without actually learning about the event and what the money raised goes to. I say all this not as member of the historical trust OR even as a current resident of edmond.

From Chelsee on 10/06/14

before getting upset about something, maybe try to learn a little about it. Edmond historical preservation holds open meetings where you can attend and present your concerns or even ask for more information about an event that people volunteer their time and efforts to put on. I attended this last year and found it extremely interesting and educational. I was born and raised in edmond and walked away from the tour with a sense of pride in my hometown after learning about some of the incredible stories of love and sacrifice that helped to build the town so many years ago. It was also very tasteful as there was a path to follow to show respect for the people buried there.

From Dyanne Smith on 10/06/14

I don't think this is a good idea at all! Families have their loved ones buried there. If you want to portray characters from the past, do it where they worked, or lived or where they did whatever made them unique. I use to be an interpreter at Mount Vernon and we would have never had anything so tasteless there. General Washington and his lady deserved more, as did the myriad of guests who traveled through there. Who thought up this horrible idea? STOP it now before you insult more families in your town. I live in Virginia now but was raised in OK. Please tell me Oklahoman's are not so crass and stupid as to think that is something to do.

From Susie Cartmill Hibbler on 10/06/14

I am appalled that you can possibly call this an attraction that sells out quickly! I have lived in Edmond all my life, my father was born here as well. Ha as well as my grandparents, mother, aunts and uncles are buried in Gracelawn and are as you call them, Founding Fathers of Edmond. Shame on you, shame on anyone that considers this side show type of entertainment proper. Touring a public cemetary and trying to turn a profit is despicable. Would love to have someone tell me how this is respectful of our relatives, or can possibly be considered fair to those if us who have loved ones buried there. I can assure you having people trample through a cemetery is not what we had in mind when choosing a final resting place to honor our loved ones. Please feel free to respond to this, I'm ready to hear how this can be possible.

From cindy powell on 10/06/14

As a homeowner and a proud Edmondite...I truly believe the ghost tour at Gracelawn is in bad taste and disrespectful for those of us that have loved ones buried there! Why couldn't there have been a cemetary created at Hafer Park. Really saddened by whoever approved this.

From Di Ann Daffer on 10/06/14

My family for many generations have been born and raised in Edmond, and are buried in Gracelawn Cemetary, along with many of the former founding fathers of Ednond that they grew up with. My parents, grandparents great grandparents, as well as extended family and friends are there. Can you assure me as to how their dignity will be preserved during this? I don't consider them, or any of Edmond's founding fathers to be ghosts, but instead angels, and frankly this is upsetting and disrespectful to our community.

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