Hamm's Sportsman Oasis

Hamm's Sportsman Oasis 18150 CR NS 234
Frederick, OK 73542

Phone: 580-335-1892

Hamm's Sportsman Oasis is nestled in the heart of Southwest Oklahoma, where year-round hunting is abundant. With over 12,000 acres of land, Sportman Oasis is truly a haven for the avid sportsman. Natural and liberated wild birds include wild turkey, chukar, quail and pheasant, Canadian geese, Sandhill crane and dove. We manage and maintain all types of wildlife plots for all of our game year-round. Pricing available for hunt only or with lodging accommodations.

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Jeff Hamm

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From Rusty on 04/28/13

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! We went pheasant hunting for two days and the birds were so tame that they had to be kicked repeatedly to make them fly. They literally choked the birds before stuffing them in clumps of grass throughout the field… it was like hunting easter eggs. They claimed to provide 5 birds per person, which should have made for 20 birds overall, but the guide admitted that they only put out 15- he later corrected himself and said “I’m sure there’s 20”. Not only that, but some of those 15 birds were hens! Another claim they made is that they have 12,000 acres to hunt on. BS. Our guide told us that the Hamms own about 1,200 acres and rent about that many as well- FAR less than they claim on their website! The actual field we hunted pheasant in was between 15 and 20 acres, and the first day’s hunt was about 2 hours, while the second day’s took just over one hour! Their website claims about the accommodations are also false. They claim to serve 'filet mignon each evening for hunters,' but we were served meatloaf, instant mashed potatoes and canned green beans. For lunch, they offered to heat us up some chicken strips. Our bathroom had been previously used by the only other two hunters at the facility- their shower didn’t work, so they just went to the next open room, which happened to be the one we would be assigned later. The dirty towels were still on the floor when we got there, and they were never replaced. The photos on the website are probably accurate… but they were taken in the about a decade ago. Coincidently, that was also the last time the fire extinguishers were inspected. The people were friendly, and 10 years ago I’m sure this was a great place to go. It isn’t any more. Don’t waste your time or your money.

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