Jesse Chisholm Grave Site

Jesse Chisholm Grave Site
NE of town
Phone: 405-884-2765

Jesse Chisholm -- trader, trailblazer, guide, interpreter and peacemaker -- lived the last 40 years of his life in Indian Territory. He died and was buried near Left Hand Spring, northeast of Geary on March 4, 1868. A granite marker sits on the site.

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Take 281 to Greenfield, OK. Then go on 1st St North to E0800. Turn right, East, to N2650 Rd. Turn right ,South, on N2650 and go to 248th NW. Turn right ,West, and it will take you to the grave, which will also be on the right hand side, North approximately one mile. Latitude: 35.72624 Logitude: -98.29077

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