Jesse Chisholm Grave Site

Jesse Chisholm Grave Site NE of town
Geary, OK 73040

Phone: 405-884-2765

Jesse Chisholm -- trader, trailblazer, guide, interpreter and peacemaker -- lived the last 40 years of his life in Indian Territory. He died and was buried near Left Hand Spring, northeast of Geary on March 4, 1868. A granite marker sits on the site.

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Take 281 to Greenfield, OK. Then go on 1st St North to E0800. Turn right, East, to N2650 Rd. Turn right ,South, on N2650 and go to 248th NW. Turn right ,West, and it will take you to the grave, which will also be on the right hand side, North approximately one mile. Latitude: 35.72624 Logitude: -98.29077

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Melba Nance

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From Staff on 07/25/16

Linda, 2017 will mark the Chisholm Trail's 150th anniversary. You can find out more by ordering our free brochure titled 'Chisholm Trail's 150th Celebration' from Thank you for using!

From Linda Barrett on 07/25/16

I'm not from Oklahoma, but did I hear that this year 2016 is some kind of anniversary of the Chisholm Trail or Jesse Chisholm's death. Thanks

From doug hill sr. on 09/16/15

i was very disappointed in the condition of this grave site for a man who had such a profound influence on the history of this state and the west in general seems this site could be cleaner and better taken care of looks as if his head stone has been vandalised it really sadens me, at least a pipe rail has been put around it and was painted and someone should really update the info on left hand colorado says he died at mascare in colorado

From les powell on 03/26/15

jesse Chisholm is my great,great great grandfather. been to his grave site a few times but never been to the museum in Duncan and I retired from there

From Jay on 08/13/11

Okay, here are the directions for those who just want to go there. Take 281 to Greenfield, OK. Then go on 1st St North to E0800. Turn right, East, to N2650 Rd. Turn right ,South, on N2650 and go to 248th NW. Turn right ,West, and it will take you to the grave, which will also be on the right hand side, North. Looks like it should only be about a mile at the most. Jay

From Jay M on 08/13/11

sorry, here's the correct latitude and longitude Lat 35.72624 Long 98.29077 Both mapquest and yahoo maps find the same location. Have fun everyone. Jay

From Jay M on 08/13/11

Use the lat and long on mapquest or yahoo maps to find the gravesite lat 23.72624 long 98.29077 Trying again today. Jay

From Cactus Jack on 08/11/11

Boy Jay you are right. Tired to find the grave site the other day and found no other signs or directions after the faded sign showing left on Canadian/pump Station Rd. Go'na try her again tomorrow and I'll be atrying the directions off this here site.

From Jay on 07/31/11

Agree with James. There was one sign off of Hwy 281 and a really, I mean had to stop and stare, faded sign with an arrow that pointed left onto Canadian/Pump Station Rd. I even asked for directions and never found it. I'm sending a email to ODOT and OKTravel. Will try again with better directions.

From james streator on 06/17/11

The directions are correct. The map is wrong. Suggest you keep the directions and corect or dump the map. Interesting landmark. Go see it.

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