Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma202 S Eight Tribes Trail
Miami, OK 74354

Phone: 918-542-1445
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The Miami first emerged as a distinct and different people at saakiiweeyonki (near South Bend, Indiana). Their traditional homelands include what are today the states of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, lower Michigan and lower Wisconsin. This was a shared landscape with many other indigenous people including, but not limited to, Wyandot, Delaware, Shawnee, Potawatomi, Ojibwa and Kickapoo peoples. In the 1600s, the Miami, who numbered in the tens of thousands, began having frequent contact with Europeans.

Over the next two centuries, Euro-American encroachment, war and disease took a high toll on the Miami. Eventually a series of treaties with the United States required the Miami to cede their traditional homelands. In 1840, the tribe signed a treaty calling for their removal beyond the Mississippi. In 1846, after many attempts to avoid the devastating move, the Miami, by then numbering in the hundreds, were herded at gunpoint into canal boats to begin the long journey to a reservation in the Unorganized Territory near what later became La Cygne, Kansas.

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