Missy's Burgers Express

Missy's Burgers Express
205 W Wilson
Phone: 580-933-4598

Are you in the mood for traditional American favorites? Let Missy’s Burgers Express entice you with an open-faced burger with melted Swiss cheese, drenched in brown gravy and topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions. If you’re not hungry for a burger, try Missy’s fried fish, coated in a special batter. Missy’s Burgers Express also offers many other menu options, including taco salad, grilled chicken salad, bacon-cheese burger, smothered burgers with grilled bell peppers and Swiss and cheddar cheese, tater tots, mild and hot cheese balls, hush puppies, as well as breakfast items. With a huge dining area of tables and booths, Missy’s Burgers Express is always ready to promptly serve guests with good food. Though Missy’s is closed on Saturdays, the restaurant is open Sunday through Friday with an everyday all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. On Friday and Sunday, the buffet is comprised of catfish and shrimp. What are you waiting for? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner awaits you at Missy’s Burgers Express.

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