Nowata County Historical Society Museum

Nowata County Historical Society Museum 121 S Pine St
Nowata, OK 74048

Phone: 918-273-1191

More than 23 rooms trace Nowata County history, with artifacts ranging from the Civil War and Indian Territory Days to the Oil Boom, farming and cattle and much more. Includes a period dentist office, jail cell and laundry. Indoor and outdoor exhibits. Located in the old clinic hospital.

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Open by appointment also.

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Raymond Cline

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From Staff on 01/19/15

RWBobPowell, please try submitting your comment again without using special characters like parenthesis, semicolons or colons. Our comment system will not let you post anything with those characters in them. Sorry for the confusion!

From RWBobPowell on 01/17/15

Well, I took time to comment favorably and when I finished, I hit SUBMIT. Know what happened? There was a comment in RED saying my name had Illegal characters in it AND YOU DELETED IT ALL SHAME ON YOU!

From Linda Wall McCormick on 09/09/13

I have a copy of your grandfather Robert DeMoss book A Look at the History of Nowata Oklahoma. It was presented to my mother Melva Fry in 1987 from her brother Wayne per the inscription. So that kind of narrows down the time frame as to when he wrote the book. As we know, it has been revised and reissued. I bought several copies from the museum when I was there in 2010. My Dad's class reunion 1940 meets in Nowata every year. They just had their 73rd and final reunion in Sept 2013. I was lucky enough to speak to Robert Demoss in 2010 and tell him how much I appreciated his book. I also found out I was kin to his wife, through my grandmother Alma Coker. He gave me a copy of another book he wrote State of Thieves which was the history of Civil War battles in Oklahoma which was copyrighted 2004.

From Jennifer Duffee on 08/21/13

Hi Dorothy! Robert W. DeMoss is my grandfather. He actually wrote that book sometime between 1980-2005...I will have to find that exact book to see when he published it. Robert is still alive and kicking, living with my mother on Keystone Lake. I'm very glad you enjoyed his book on the history of his wonderful home town!!

From Dorothy Davidson on 07/04/13

We lived in Nowata in the 1940's. My husband was the operator for the railroad. We were active members of the Methodist Church. We had many friends there, and at one time we thought we might retire there because we loved it so much. I have a self-published book entitled A LOOK AT THE HISTORY OF NOWATA OKLAHOMA written by Robert W. DeMoss. I see no publishing date, but it had to be in the 40's. And a telephone book that was distributed in 1945. I am sending them to the museum, and I hope they will be of interest.

From Dr. John wilson on 04/15/13

Dear Mr. Cline, I had the pleasure of meeting you some years ago at ceremonies at the museum. I am the great grandson of Marshal Floyd Wilson, killed n the line of duty on the Albert Dodge rand, now the Wilhite Rance, in 1893. I am planning a new photographic expedition to Nowata in May. Might there be an -e-mail address for Mr. Curt Johnson? It was he who guided me to the ranch before. Looking forward to seeing you again! Thanks, John Wilson

From Staff on 04/01/13

Kathy, we're sure the Nowata County Historical Society Museum would love to hear from you. Please give them a call at 918-273-1191. Thank you for using!

From Kathy Ochiai on 03/29/13

Hello! My 83-year-old father was born and raised in Oklahoma City. I'm cleaning his office. I came across three ribbons from the 1926 Nowata Co Free Fair... Two blue ribbons and one red second place ribbon. My dad wants to keep them, but would you like for me to take pix and mail them to you? Best , Kathy

From Staff on 12/11/12

Phil, according to our information the Nowata County Historical Society is open from 1-4pm that day, but it would be best to confirm that by calling 918-273-1191 before your trip. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Phil Hayden on 12/11/12

two couples will be there Sat., 12.15.12, to ask about history of 2 towns, Childers and Haydenville. Hopefully someone will be there to give us some information? Thank you!

From Staff on 09/14/12

Ron, please call the Nowata County Historical Museum directly at 918-273-1191 and they might be able to get you in touch with someone who can help you in your search. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Ron on 09/13/12

Any idea when Price Implement Company in Nowata was in business. Just recently got thermometer that has their name on it. phone number 233

From Staff on 02/28/12

Pat, if you'll click on the link above that says Nowata County Genealogy Resources you can find a free Nowata County map that may be the one you're looking for. You will also find Nowata County genealogy services and contact information. We hope this helps with your search by getting you in touch with the right people. Best wishes on your journey and thank you for using

From Pat Stoneking on 02/27/12

Do you still have the old map of Nowata County and the book that has corresponding stories about the people and the area? How can I obtain one of each and their cost?

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