War Eagle Resort

War Eagle Resort 13020 N Hwy 10
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Phone: 918-456-6272
Toll Free: 800-722-3834
Fax: 918-456-6275
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War Eagle Resort offers all the services for an enjoyable float trip on the Illinois River. Rentals are available for 17 ft. aluminum and fiberglass canoes, one and two-man kayaks and rafts accommodating up to nine people.  Whether you select a canoe, kayak or raft, you'll enjoy the scenic Illinois River float trip. 

Private camping grounds with electric hookups, a bunk house that sleeps sixty, a three-bedroom rock house accommodating sixteen people, or the War Eagle Motel with 32 full-sized beds provide lodging. Clean shower houses, meeting hall with cooking facilities, picnic ...

War Eagle Resort offers all the services for an enjoyable float trip on the Illinois River. Rentals are available for 17 ft. aluminum and fiberglass canoes, one and two-man kayaks and rafts accommodating up to nine people.  Whether you select a canoe, kayak or raft, you'll enjoy the scenic Illinois River float trip. 

Private camping grounds with electric hookups, a bunk house that sleeps sixty, a three-bedroom rock house accommodating sixteen people, or the War Eagle Motel with 32 full-sized beds provide lodging. Clean shower houses, meeting hall with cooking facilities, picnic supplies, covered shelters with grills, and ice and drinks on site. Recreation facilities include a swimming pool (for motel and bunkhouse guests only), lighted sand volleyball and basketball courts, game room and a super water slide.

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  • Facility Amenities: Credit Cards Accepted, Gift Shop, Lake/River View, Meeting Space Available, Pool Outdoor, Restaurant on site

  • Group Amenities: Baggage Handling, Bus/Motorcoach Parking, Group Rates Available

  • On-site Activities: Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking

  • Room Amenities: Kitchen Facilities

Located 2 miles east and 5 miles north of Tahlequah on Highway 10.

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Joyce Blackwell

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From TravelOK.com Staff on 11/16/15

Shannon, the Cherokee House can sleep up to 16 people and includes a full kitchen. According to War Eagle Resort's website, there is a two night minimum stay and it will be $25 per night per person. Group rates are available for 8 or more canoes, so your best bet will be to click the orange website button at the top of this page for rates and more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to call War Eagle Resort directly at 918-456-6272. Thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Shannon Nemmers on 11/15/15

I would like to know cost for lodging for approx 16 people, for cabins with kitchen facilities for 2 nights for rafting and canoeing, thanks so much

From TravelOK.com Staff on 07/10/15

Journey, to ensure that War Eagle Resort receives your question, please call them at 918-456-6272. Thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Journey on 07/09/15

Will the river be closed due to flooding this weekend?

From TravelOK.com Staff on 06/16/14

Dawn, please give War Eagle Resort a call at 918-456-6272, and they'll be able to check on availability for you. Best wishes and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Dawn Duvall on 06/14/14

Looking for cabin for a Monday Tuesday trip? Anything open? Or maybe any 2 day openings?

From Jeremy on 09/14/13

It's not a good place to camp. The rip you off with a $20 deposit to float. You don't get it back if you don't float. 35 bucks to camp one night. Go somewhere else.

From Angela Welliver on 08/30/13

My family and I had a great time on our float trip with War Eagle Resort. The staff was very kind, our raft was great and our 5 kids loved it, even our youngest who was two. We can't wait to go again this weekend. Oh and their prices were the best I could find for a family our size. I was sad to see them get bad mouthed because we had a great time and I honestly couldn't see what this person described happening with the staff we met there. I obviously wasn't there for that, but I can tell you our trip was great .

From owner on 07/09/13

Response to Amber from War Eagle Resort concerning comment posted on July 7, 2013 at 9:42 AM to Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department. We, at War Eagle Resort, regret that any of our guests perceive that they have been treated unfairly. We strive to offer all guests friendly, quality service. We would attempt to address each accusation charged against us.--At the launch area the guests requested a different raft because one valve cap was missing from one valve. The guest proceeded to press on the valve and release air from the chamber. Our employee moved the guest's hand and asked him not to released air from the raft chamber. Our employee honored the guest's request for a different raft. The guest was given a brand new raft with no patches or defects. This particular employee, that dealt with the guest in reference, is an outstanding young man about to graduate from college. He has been an employee at War Eagle for three years with not one complaint against him, and he certainly did not use a profane name against the lady guest.--When the guests reached the half-way point, of their trip, one valve cap was missing from the brand new raft, as well as a medium size hole in the raft. We did not request that the guests take financial responsibility for the damage done to the new raft, but instead offered them a different raft at that time. The guests declined to change rafts and stated that they would wait and talk to the owner and get a full refund.--Since we knew, in advance, that the guests were irate and would be coming into our office soon, we requested the Head Ranger from Oklahoma Scenic River Commission be available, in our office, to deal with the customer and take a written report. When the female guest arrived at the War Eagle office she asked to visit with the manager, The guest stated that she would like to file a complaint. The attending Ranger said, "OK", and the lady walked out of our office. No report or complaint was filed, by the guest, with attending officers or management at War Eagle.--War Eagle has one employee that is hired to specifically clean bathrooms. She arrives at War Eagle at 7:00 AM and works wk. end nights until approximately 9:30 PM. She cleans each of our three bath houses about every 30 minutes during that 14 1/2 hour period. Our bathrooms are the nicest and cleanest bathrooms on the river. Many of our guests tell us that they come to War Eagle because of how clean our facilities and bathrooms are. State Health Dept. employees check our facilities, and we have never had a negative report against our facilities, including our bathrooms.--We have been in business, at War Eagle Resort, for 38 years and we strive to make improvements and make maintenance, in every area, a priority. War Eagle had thousands of guests this July 4th holiday, and we are proud to say that many of our guests gave us wonderful compliments and had a great time.--We would invite anyone to visit War Eagle and check out our facilities and equipment for yourself. We do have the finest and cleanest facilities on the Illinois River. War Eagle Management

From Amber on 07/07/13

We have been to War Eagle Resorts on several occasions. We will NEVER use this Resort again. We went yesterday and when given our raft it was so patched up and in horrible condition with no valve covers that we asked for a different one. At which time we were told no. My husband tried explaning to the worker that we had our 5 year old son with us and that we needed the covers. He said it didn't matter if they were on or off. My husband pushed the button to show that when you slightly pust it then the air comes out. My husband was then slapped by the worker. He said that they have no way to air them up at that location. I told him we had to way to air it up halfway down the river. He then proceeded to call me a b*tch. We took the raft and within a mile of our 12 mile trip one of the chambers were completly out of air. At the 6 mile stop we asked for a differnt raft where once again we were told no. We were told by several of the people that were floating from other resorts that this kind of thing happens often with War Eagle. When we got back to the resort and went in to complain they argued with us and refused to let us file a complaint on the worker. Horrible customer service. To top it off the restrooms were full of flys and looked as if they hadnt been cleaned in weeks. Don't waste your time or money here. Go elsewhere!!!

From Karen B on 07/04/12

We've used War Eagle for probably 12 years to float river, we've never stayed the night, but we've never been disappointed... always fast & courteous, quailty supplies, and have never had any issues, & always have had any items we had needed at last minute right there for us to purchase. ALWAYS a nice float & a Nice Experience, thats why we keep coming back ...Thank you War Eagle

From Melany G on 06/28/12

DO NOT STAY HERE!! Do not make reservations...we had to cancel and instead of charges us cancellation charge, they charged the ENTIRE AMOUNT to my charge card AFTER cancellation made.

From Collette Crawford on 05/10/12

nice float!

From michelle balkman on 01/15/12

I will have to totally disagree with the other 2 reviews! We have stayed on the campground and had a wonderful time! There is always that one person or one group that always has to show out and personally I was so glad that there was a security guard there. If not for him, those that want to act like fools would be making everyone else miserable. The security guard was very professional and basically made sure everyone had a good time. Sometimes people drink way past there limit and get completely rude and obnoxious and need someone to pull them back to reality before they harm someone of themselves. War Eagle is actuaLly the best resort on the Illinois river. I've been to several of the other one's and there really is no comparison. The staff was great with our group. They were all so nice and friendly. We won't go anywhere else ever again. War Eagle is clean and they have everything you need right there. Family oriented, just a nice place to spend your vacation. We go every year and love it! Never have we had a bad time there.

From Nicki on 09/17/11

Never stay here! We had a terrible experience with the old, senile security guard. He came over the first night and said we had to turn off the music and keep it down because quiet hours were at 11. We were not aware of quiet hours because we were never told of them. So we of course did beccause we are not rowdy, rude people. The next night at 11 everyone was inside except me and one other person. We were sitting at the picnic table talking. No music, no loud talking, just winding down. Here comes the security guard who says we need to keep it down. I said ok, but how are we being loud? He never could answer why he was harassing us but did keep threating to arrest me! He left and came back about 30 minutes later with a park ranger. The ranger said we all had to leave because the guard felt disrespected. He kept accusing of of setting off a truck alarm. We even told the ranger we had all drank throughout the day floating the river and felt it was really unsafe to make us leave. They didn't care. No remorse and no refund! Apparantly the senile security guard used to be a park ranger and recently retired. The thing is we stayed at a cabin across the street from the campgrounds and I know for a fact that on Saturday we did not break any quiet hours rules. This guy is crazy and on an ego trip. How you can be kicked out of a place, not refunded and threatened to be arrested all because of one old man's bruised ego is beyond me. To top it off the rate per night is very steep compared to the accomidations. The cabin is musty and old. The mattresses in the bunkbeds are disgusting. Trust me, there are way better places to stay! Don't let this nasty security guard or nasty cabin ruin your river trip like they did ours!!!!

From Joe Barker on 06/15/11

Nice part of the river but the motel is a decent ways from the river, The rooms ac are on permanent eco mode and only come on for a few minutes, The room was hot and there is no fridge, microwave, very hard to get sleep there, Just stay in town for about the same price.

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