Wichita & Affiliated Tribes

Wichita & Affiliated Tribes 1 1/4 miles N on Hwy 281
Anadarko, OK 73005

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Indigenous to Oklahoma, the ancestors of the historic Wichita and Affiliated tribes were probably the first people to settle upon the Southern Plains, ranging from south-central Kansas to northern Texas, living in villages of grass lodges, raising bountiful crops of corn, squash and beans, conducting fall and winter buffalo hunts and carrying on extensive trade with the Pueblos of the Southwest. First contact with Europeans came with Coronado's 1541 quest to find the fabled Quivira, thought to be in present Kansas.

Early historic accounts describe the Wichita and their allies as numbering from 15,000 to 33,000 and as occupying villages of 2,000 or more, with large grass-lodge villages, a dual bison-hunting and horticulture economy. Due to the United States removal policy and in order to establish peace among the tribes, the U.S. moved the Eastern tribes onto the plains amongst the indigenous tribes, and in 1835 the U.S. entered into a treaty with "the Comanche and the Wichita Indians and their associated bands."

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