Eagle Tour

Jan 10, 2015

Stop by the Three Forks Nature Center in beautiful Sequoyah State Park to view eagles in their natural habitat. This eagle tour, which highlights the Ft. Gibson and Hulbert area, begins with an overview of eagles at the nature center. This educational program is followed by an educational eagle video and a chance to meet the nature center's live eagle. Enjoy doughnuts, coffee and hot chocolate before the caravan trip over to the Ft. Gibson dam to meet with the Indian Nation Audubon Society to search for bald eagles that winter in Oklahoma. Bring your binoculars and enjoy watching eagles soar over the lake and see them in their nesting areas. Contact Paula Hanafee at 918-772-2108 or 3forksnaturecenter@gmail.com for more information.

19460 Park 80
Hulbert, OK 74441
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