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Indian Paintbrush wildflowers brighten a field near Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma.
Pelicans migrate through Oklahoma in the spring and fall each year.  This group was spotted at Lake Eufaula.
Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma is known for outstanding bass and crappie fishing as well as popular noodling spots.
Sunset bathes Lake Eufaula's rocky shoreline in a golden glow.
Lake Eufaula is Oklahoma's largest lake and it is a perfect setting for a little night fishing with a gorgeous view at sunset.
The sun sets on a beautiful night at Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma.
A lucky dog enjoys a walk along the shore of Lake Eufaula at sunset as he and his master are treated to a lovely pastel scene.
A magnificent sunset creates a fiery red glow over Lake Eufaula.
Beautiful pastel watercolor shades paint the sky as the sun hangs just above the horizon at Lake Eufaula.
A magenta sky creates a magnificent sunset scene over Lake Eufaula.
Lake Eufaula is awash in color during this picturesque sunset scene.
A golden evening rewards sunset hikers along the shores of Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma.
The weather in Oklahoma can create storms with awesome power, but it can also create magnificent beauty like this rain cloud over Lake Eufaula.
Delightful watercolor shades of sunrise on a peaceful cove of Lake Eufaula.
Pre-dawn stillness envelopes this Lake Eufaula cove as the sunrise casts a rosy glow on the area.
A dramatic sunset turns a Lake Eufaula cove into a dazzling waterscape.
Sunrise and fog combine to create a serene scene on a fall morning at Lake Eufaula.
A fall sunset casts an orange glow over Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma.
Fishermen on Lake Eufaula are treated to a beautiful sunrise.
Sunset on the rocks - the rocky shoreline of a Lake Eufaula cove is bathed in the rich colors of sunset.
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