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A magnificent sunset sets Lake Eufaula State Park aglow at day's end.
A crane flies through the orange glow of sunset on Lake Eufaula.
Sunrise creates an explosion of color and rays which reflect on the calm surface of Lake Eufaula.
Roots, rocks and waves accentuate a beautiful sunset over Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma's largest lake and home to two state parks - Eufaula State Park and Arrowhead State Park.
Colorful shades create a super sunset scene at Lake Eufaula.
Rainbow colors brighten a Lake Eufaula cove at sunset.
The sunset creates a starburst pattern on the horizon over Lake Eufaula and sets the sky and water's surface aglow.
The beaches of Lake Eufaula are ideal places to witness magnificent winter sunsets.
Ice creates a surreal winter scene near Lake Eufaula.
Rosy colored clouds reflect on the still surface of a Lake Eufaula cove at sunrise.
A trio of female whitetail deer in a field near Eufaula.
A brilliant sunrise lights up a cove on Lake Eufaula.
Dawn's early light brings magnificent colors that reflect on the surface of a Lake Eufaula cove adding to the stunning scenery.
Ducks paddle by on the calm surface of Lake Eufaula as a heron looks on in the peaceful glow of a winter sunset.
Shades of blue and gold highlight a scenic sunset over Lake Eufaula giving onlookers plenty of reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving night 2011.
Sunset paints the skies above Lake Eufaula with brilliant hues that reflect on the water's surface to complete the tranquil scene.
Small waves roll in as a beautiful sunset yields to dusk at Lake Eufaula.
Sunset and shale create a stunning vista along the shoreline of Lake Eufaula.
A fiery fall sunset reflects on the surface of Lake Eufaula.
A flock soars into the wild blue yonder over Lake Eufaula.
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