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A colorful male Collared Lizard, also known as a Mountain Boomer, was caught sunning himself on a red granite boulder in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
A Collared lizard, also known as a Mountain Boomer, in his lair beneath a red granite boulder in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton.  The Mountain Boomer is the state reptile of Oklahoma.
Lake Altus-Lugert's scenic beauty draws boating enthusiasts as well as hikers.  Hike through the granite peaks that surround the lake, or take to the water for boating.
Rock climbing enthusiasts find a great challenge on the granite crags and many rock faces of the Wichita Mountains in southwest Oklahoma.  Guide For a Day offers personalized rock climbing instruction in the Wichita Mountains for skill levels from beginner to advanced.
The semi-arid environment of Quartz Mountain Nature Park supports many species of cactus.  This bright green cactus found along one of the park's hiking trails is a beautiful contrast against the red granite of the Wichita Mountains.
Lake Altus-Lugert offers many outdoor recreational opportunities for boaters.  The rocky granite hills that surround the lake add to its scenic beauty.  Adjacent Quartz Mountain Nature Park offers lodging.

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