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Delve into Oklahoma’s African American history from pre-statehood to the Civil Rights movement while discovering the landmarks, historic towns and museums that keep the African American legacy alive. read more

Explore the great state of Oklahoma from A to Z by following our insider recommendations for attractions, destinations and things to do, conveniently organized in a handy alphabetical list that highlights the state’s popular treasures. read more

We’ve got the scoop on where rivers turn to rapids, waterfalls plunge over cliffs and the sound of rushing water signals beauty. read more


Oklahoma Music: Rhythm & Routes: 4

Inspired by Oklahoma's growing jazz culture, Charlie Christian picked up an electric guitar and made music history. read more

Part of a unique musical legacy, Hoyt Axton became a beloved country singer with a powerful voice and catchy tunes. read more

From session musician to national star, Leon Russell made Oklahoma music history by creating the Tulsa Sound. read more

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