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Quick Trippers

Take a second to reflect on your fondest childhood memories. Remember your imaginative, spontaneous side? The one that’s always up for a new adventure? It’s still in there. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to rekindle that spark … here it is. Whether you have a few hours to kill or a few weeks to chase some thrills, this page is for you!


Whether you see your grandkids every day or they visit on school breaks, make the most of those special moments together in Oklahoma. Create memories your grandkids will cherish forever at Oklahoma’s zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, museums and more.

Adventure Seekers

Who needs caffeine when you’re running on endorphins? We see you chasing the next heart-pumping, goosebump-inducing experience. Spontaneous adventures are awesome, but a little planning goes a long way in the hot pursuit of thrills. On the prowl for new feats that take serious guts? You’re in the right place.


Sure, you can score a fine chicken fried steak in Oklahoma — if that’s what you’re craving. But to write Oklahoma off as merely a gateway to gravy-laden comfort food is to do it a disservice. Our state’s food scene is as diverse and dynamic as its people, continuously evolving at a rapid rate.

Route 66ers

Did you know Oklahoma boasts the longest drivable stretch of historic Route 66? And it possesses a charm like no other highway, thanks to enchanting small towns, winding curves, quirky landmarks, roadside diners and fascinating museums. Use this page as your trusty guide as you explore it for yourself.

Western Historians

Want to watch a mock gunfight or a riveting rodeo? Witness a cattle drive or tour a Western heritage museum? Stay in a cozy guest ranch or learn about the singing cowboys of the silver screen? Oklahoma is a prime destination for all things Wild West, so saddle up for a Sooner State sightseeing journey.
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Available for Apple and Android devices, the TravelOK Trip Planner app makes Oklahoma vacation planning easy. Build custom itineraries and then share them with your friends and family.

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