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Established with a Land Run and designated a state in 1907, Oklahoma is just over a hundred years young. A land of diversity from its Native history and breathtaking scenery to its Americana charm and hospitable people, learn why Oklahoma should be on your travel itinerary. View Oklahoma Cities & Regions

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500-1300 - Spiro Indians, linked to the Aztecs, thrived and left burial mounds filled with exquisite artwork and clues to their way of life. A museum displaying their artifacts is located near Spiro.

1012 - Viking explorers visited eastern Oklahoma and left their mark near the town of Heavener.

1541 - Oklahoma's recorded history began when Spanish explorer Coronado carved his name and the date on a rock near the Cimarron River in western Oklahoma.

1803 - Oklahoma was part of the Louisiana Purchase.

1824 - Fort Gibson was the first fort established in Oklahoma.

1889 - Land in Indian Territory was opened to white settlement by land runs, lotteries and auctions. The territory was split in half, and the western half became Oklahoma Territory.

1889 - The first land run was held April 22. At noon, a cannon boom signaled the start of the run, which opened the Unassigned Lands for settlement.

1891 - The Sac and Fox and Pottawatomie-Shawnee Lands, located just east of the original run site, were opened Sept. 21.

1892 - The Cheyenne and Arapaho lands in western Oklahoma were opened for run on April 19.

1893 - The largest and most spectacular run in northern Oklahoma, the Cherokee Strip, was held Sept. 16.

1895 - On May 23, the Kickapoo Land Run was held in central Oklahoma.

1907 - On Nov. 16, Oklahoma became the 46th state to join the Union.

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Lyrics Of Oklahoma's State Song

Brand new state!
Brand new state, gonna treat you great!
Gonna give you barley, carrots
and pertaters!
Pasture fer the cattle, spinach and
Flowers on the prairie where the
June bugs zoom,
Plen'y of air and plen'y of room,
Plen'y of room to swing a rope!
Plen'y of heart and plen'y of hope! Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain,
And the wavin' wheat can sure
smell sweet
When the wind comes right
behind the rain.
Oklahoma, ev'ry night my honey
lamb and I
Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk makin' lazy circles in the sky.
We know we belong to the land
And the land we belong to is grand!
And when we say YEEOW!
We're only sayin' You're doin'
fine, Oklahoma!