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Major County.

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Located in northwestern Oklahoma, Major County was named after John Charles Major, a local resident and representative to the 1906 Oklahoma Constitutional Convention. At the turn of the century, the railroad came into the county. The Enid and Anadarko Railway, the Choctaw Northern Railroad and the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway were built in Major County at that time. Gloss Mountain State Park is located northeast of Fairview and offers hiking and wildlife viewing. In Fairview, the Major County Historical Society Museum features artifacts detailing the area’s history.

In 2020, census records showed 7,782 people living in Major County. Countless assets exist for tracing genealogy in Major County including legal records and cemetery records. Valuable resources for researching genealogy in Major County are provided below, including a list of existing towns, the county courthouse address, a detailed map of the county, library information and a list of cemeteries located within the county.

Major County Courthouse Information

Major County Clerk
P.O. Box 379
Fairview, OK 73737
Telephone: (580) 227-4732

Directions: On the square at Ninth Ave. & E. Broadway St.

Records available: Court Clerk has marriage records from late 1800s, divorce, probate and civil court records from 1908; County Clerk has land records.

Detailed Map of Major County

Search for cemeteries, highways and scenic sites, or examine county and township lines with this detailed map of Major County.

Existing Towns in Major County

The following towns and cities are located in present day Major County, Oklahoma.


Cleo Springs




Ghost Towns in Major County

The following towns and cities either no longer exist in Major County or are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past. These towns and cities are commonly referred to as "ghost towns."




Cemeteries in Major County

The following cemeteries are located in present day Major County, Oklahoma.

Americus Cemetery

Ames Cemetery

Antioch Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Black Cemetery

Bierig Cemetery

Cedar (AKA Church of
God in Christ Mennonite) Cemetery

Chester Cemetery

Cheyenne Valley

Cleo Springs Cemetery

Concord Cemetery

Dyche-Conner (AKA
Greever) Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Fern Cliff (AKA Adams,
AKA Sternburg)

Forrest Cemetery

Free Home (AKA Old
Ringwood) Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery

Golden Cemetery

Hope Cemetery(Chester)

Hope Cemetery(Meno)

Hurt Cemetery

Isabella Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery

Lone Star Cemetery

Mt. Zion (AKA Lemmons Cemetery)

New Hope

New Hope Dale
Mennonite Church

North Mennonite
Brethren Cemetery

Oakwood (AKA Pioneer) Cemetery

Orion Cemetery

Paul (AKA Mountainview,
AKA Wymer) Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Pleasant Prairie (AKA Wildwood) Cemetery

Plymouth Cemetery

Roscoe Cemetery

Rusk Cemetery

Saron Mennonite Church Cemetery

Sorge Cemetery

South Mennonite Brethren Cemetery

Square Cedar (AKA Oak Grove) Cemetery

Swiger Cemetery

Union Cemetery

West Creek Cemetery

West New Hope Dale (AKA West Mennonite) Cemetery

Wildwood Cemetery

Zeigler Lone Star Cemetery

Libraries in Major County

Fairview City Library
115 S. 6th St
Fairview, OK 73737
Telephone: (580) 227-2190

Additional Genealogy Resources for Major County

Major County Historical Society
P.O. Box 555
Fairview, OK 73737

Places to Visit in Major County

While researching your family history in Major County, be sure to check out the following attractions located in the area.

Ames Astrobleme Museum

Gloss Mountain State Park

Hajek Motorsports Museum

Indian Creek Village Winery &
Village Inn

Major County Historical Society Museum

Plymouth Valley Cellars

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