Hughes County Genealogy Resources

Discover Hughes County and trace your family history and ancestry with this list of county-specific genealogy resources.

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Hughes County.

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Named for W.C. Hughes, a member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention, Hughes County was created in 1907 at statehood.  In 1834, Camp Holmes, near Holdenville, was used in the Dodge-Leavenworth Expedition.  In the early 1900s, four railroads served the area: the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway, the Missouri, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway, the Ft. Smith and Western Railroad and the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway.  Wetumka Lake and Holdenville Lake both offer campsites and fishing.

In 2000, census records showed 14,154 people living in Hughes County.  Countless resources exist for tracing genealogy in Hughes County including legal records, cemetery records and a local historical society.  For more information about genealogy in Hughes County, resources are provided below.  

Hughes County Courthouse Information

Detailed Map of Hughes County

Existing Towns in Hughes County

Ghost Towns in Hughes County

Cemeteries in Hughes County

Historic Schools in Hughes County

Libraries in Hughes County

Historic Newspaper Archives of Hughes County

Tribal Nations in Hughes County

Add'l Genealogy Resources for Hughes County

Places to Visit in Hughes County

Hughes County Courthouse Information

Hughes County Clerk
P.O. Box 914
Holdenville, OK  74848
Telephone:  (405) 379-5487

Directions:  N. Broadway & W. 8th St.

Records available:  Court Clerk has marriage, divorce, probate and civil records from 1907; County Clerk has land records from 1907. 

Detailed Map of Hughes County

Search for cemeteries, highways and scenic sites or examine county and township lines with this detailed map of Hughes County

Existing Towns in Hughes County

The following towns and cities are located in present day Hughes County, Oklahoma.













Ghost Towns in Hughes County

The following towns and cities either no longer exist in Hughes County or are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past.  These towns and cities are commonly referred to as "ghost towns."



Cemeteries in Hughes County

The following cemeteries are located in present day Hughes County, Oklahoma.

Atwood Cemetery

Barnett Cemetery

Blue Ridge Cemetery

Bohannon Cemetery

Boyd Family Cemetery

Buchner Memorial

Buffalo Cemetery

Butner Cemetery

Calvin Cemetery


Carson Cemetery

Cedar River Cemetery

Citra Cemetery

Cornell Family Cemetery

Crossroads Cemetery

Davis Family Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Fife Indian Cemetery

George Family Cemetery

Gerty Cemetery

Glory Cemetery

Greenleaf Cemetery

Hannah Cemetery

Harjo Cemetery

Harjo Family Cemetery

Harjo-Jones Cemetery

Hilltop Cemetery

Holdenville Cemetery

Hooks Cemetery

Jacobs Cemetery

Joshua Cemetery

Kialegee Cemetery

Lamar Cemetery

Lucas-Harjo Cemetery

Many Springs Indian
Baptist Church

McBryde Cemetery

McCaybe Cemetery

McCosar Cemetery

McGeeley Cemetery

McMahan Cemetery

Mission Cemetery

Non Cemetery

Old Bilby Cemetery

Old Dustin (AKA Spokogee) Cemetery

Old Wetumka Cemetery

Panther Creek Cemetery

Peebles-Bowen-Lankford Family Cemetery

Pryor Cemetery

Riley Family Cemetery

Rock Creek Cemetery

Salt Creek Cemetery

Shiloh Cemetery

South Community

Spring Creek Cemetery

Stubblefield (AKA Gum
Springs) Cemetery

Tea Cemetery

Tiger Family Cemetery

Tookaparka Cemetery

Wetumka Cemetery

Wetumka Indian Baptist Cemetery

Wisner Chapel Cemetery

Yeager Cemetery


Historic Schools in Hughes County

The following historic schools, academies and schoolhouses were located in Hughes County, Oklahoma.

Accident (AKA Hulsey)

Atwood School

Beulah School

Benedict School

Bethel School

Big Prairie School

Big Springs School

Bilby School

Bohannon School

Buffalo School

Calvin School

Carmichael School

Carson School

Cebar (AKA C-Bar)

Central School

Citra School

Coachman School

Coston School

Cross Roads School

Dustin School

Fairview School

Friendship School

Gatewood School

Gerty School

Greasy Creek School

Greenleaf School

Grove School

Gum Springs School

Hastings School

Hickory School

Hill Top School

Hobson School

Holdenville School

Jackson School

Lamar School

Lawnwood School

Leader School

Little River School

Loan Oak School

Lone Star School

Lowrence School

Maple Grove School

McMahan School

Middle Creek School

Mingo School

Moss School

Mt. Grove School

Mt. School

Non School

Noon Springs School

O.K. School

Oak Dale School

Oak Ridge School

Ozark School

Pecan Grove School

Pleasant Ridge School

Pleasant View School

Rock Creek School

Round Prairie School

Shady Grove School

Shawnee Hill School

Social School

Spaulding School

Spring Creek School

Spring Hill School

Stony Point School

Stuart School

Sunny Dale School

Texas Banner School

Valley View School

Wetumka School

Yeager School


Libraries in Hughes County

Grace Pickens Public Library
209 E. 9th St.
Holdenville, OK  74848
Telephone:  (405) 379-3245

Wetumka Public Library
202 N. Main
Wetumka, OK  74883
Telephone:  (405) 452-3785


Historic Newspaper Archives of Hughes County

Holdenville Daily News

Holdenville Democrat

Hughes County Enterprise

Stuart Enterprise

Wetumka Gazette

Tribal Nations in Hughes County

Alabama-Quassarte Tribal Town
101 E. Broadway
Wetumka, OK  74883
Telephone:  (405) 452-3987

Kialegee Tribal Town
101 E. Broadway
Wetumka, OK  74883
Telephone: (405) 452-3987

Additional Genealogy Resources for Hughes County

Hughes County on OKGenWeb: Oklahoma Genealogy & History

Hughes County Historical Society
124 N. Broadway
Holdenville, OK  74848

Places to Visit in Hughes County

While researching your family history in Hughes County, be sure to check out the following attractions located in the area.

Holdenville Lake

Holdenville Society of Painters &
Sculptors Art Center

Wetumka Lake

Yvonne Huser Studio & Gallery

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