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NEW 2016 Research Summary Infographic

NEW OK Travel Impacts 2010-2015

NEW OK Travel Impacts by House Districts 2015

NEW OK Travel Impacts by Senate Districts 2015

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NEW OK Image & Advertising Accountability Research 2016

NEW OK Visitor Profile Report 2015

NEW TNS CY ’15 OK Visitor Profile Report Presentation

NEW Longwoods 2016 Tourism Advertising Accountability Research Presentation

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2015 Research Summary Infographic 

OK Travel Impacts 2010-2014

OK Travel Impacts by House Districts 2014

OK Travel Impacts by Senate Districts 2014

OK Visitor Profile Report 2014

The Impact of Travel on State Economies 2014

2014 Spring Campaign Wrap-Up Report

Google Case Study: YouTube TrueView Ads

The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy

Economic Impact Report

How Travel Creates Jobs

Travel Jobs Infographic

Travel Is An Economic Engine

Digital Marketing Report for Fiscal Year 2012

Status of OTRD Advertising & Marketing

Tourism Promotion Division Monthly Update - July 2012

Visitor Survey Report 2011

Tourism’s Impact on Oklahoma’s Economy

Travel: The Ultimate Economic Stimulus

OTRD Annual Report 2010

Outlook for Oklahoma Travel in 2010

Conversion & Ad Effectiveness Research – November 2009

Consumer Travel Pulse Research – September 2009

OTRD Study of Winter Texans - Feb 2009

Economic Impact of Travel on Oklahoma Counties Study – 2009-2010

Economic Impact of Travel on Oklahoma Counties Study – 2007-2008

Segmentation Study - Nov 2006

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Blue-green Algae Public Opinion Survey Results