Mothers and Daughters Bond over Chick Trips

Stay close at these three female-friendly destinations.

Due to COVID-19 requirements and recommendations, many Oklahoma businesses and attractions have made changes to their hours of operation and available services. This may include some destinations mentioned in this article. We encourage all potential visitors to contact the business or attraction directly before visiting for up-to-date information. For Oklahoma State Health Department information and recommendations, visit the COVID-19 resource page.
Set in the heart of Tulsa's popular midtown district, Utica Square is a favorite upscale shopping center. With more than 60 stores in an elegant outdoor setting, you'll find great specialty shops and restaurants as well as high-caliber department stores.
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Spending time away with just “the girls” will have you bonding in a way that doesn’t occur when dads, brothers and husbands are included. Whether you want to plan the perfect retreat to show an elderly mother how much you care, reconnect with a rebellious teenager or just spend some quality time catching up on each other’s busy lives, a girls’ getaway could be the answer.

Oklahoma has multiple female-friendly tourism attractions that even the pickiest mothers and the most discriminating daughters will enjoy.  Check out these destinations and plan an Oklahoma excursion that is just right for you and the women in your life.

Grab a glass

A unique experience that can be shared by moms and their grown-up daughters is a wine tasting trip.  Daughter and wine connoisseur Kristy Burton says visiting Oklahoma wineries is a regular activity for her and her mother.

“My mom and I like to go to the wineries together,” said Burton. “She enjoys learning about the growing of the grapes and the making of the wine, while I enjoy the 'romantic' atmosphere and all the creative differences of the wineries. We always like to take the tour of the winery, taste a few wines, then have a glass of our favorite and sit and chat on the patio.” 

Burton says they always purchase the wine when they visit a winery, which helps make the memories last longer.

“My favorite part is actually when you are enjoying that bottle of wine a couple of weeks later and reminiscing about the time that you spent at the winery. The wineries are always pretty, and you always learn something about the wines, but I think the best part is the time spent with Mom.”

Burton recommends taking your mom to Girls Gone Wine in Hochatown near Broken Bow for the female-infused experience the owners provide. Everything from the names of their wines to the gifts in the gift shop has a girly theme.  

“They also have a great patio,” said Burton, “and it is set in one of the most beautiful areas of Oklahoma.”

Shop ‘til you drop

Planning a vacation around a mutual love or hobby will ensure both parties have a pleasant experience. If you and your mother share an affinity for shoes, designer bags or antique furniture, then take advantage of your shared passion. Your time together can feel more like a treasure hunt than a retreat.

Daughter and shopaholic Amy Sargeant says she enjoys taking her mother on shopping trips to Utica Square in Tulsa.

“Shopping is a mindless and nonconfrontational way to spend time together,” she said. “Mom and I rarely grump at each other when we're shopping. Astonishing!”

Sargeant says she enjoys Utica Square because of the variety of stores and the outdoor experience.

“I enjoy the unique boutiques as well as the more popular stores, like the Gap,” she said. “The outside environment is lovely for walking around on a pretty day, and the nice spread of restaurants makes it easy to stop and grab a tasty bite for a break from all of that hard work.”

Cowgirl up

If your teenager has an adventurous spirit and loves to get her hands dirty, try a vacation that will earn her bragging rights with all her friends. Many of Oklahoma’s guest ranches offer ladies' retreats where women can live out their equestrian dreams.

These attractions are just a few of the fun road trip ideas awaiting you across the state. So call your mother or daughter and set a date to explore Oklahoma together. There’s no better way to reconnect and create some lasting memories.

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