Pushmataha County Genealogy Resources

Discover Pushmataha County and trace your family history and ancestry with this list of county-specific genealogy resources.

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Pushmataha County.

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Named for the Pushmataha district of the Choctaw Nation, Pushmataha County is located in southeastern Oklahoma.  Explorers and traders were in the county as early as the 1700s including Jean Baptiste Bénard de la Harpe in 1719.  In 1886, the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway was built in Pushmataha County.  Prior to 1907 statehood, the county was part of the Choctaw Nation and their capital was in Tuskahoma.  In Antlers, the Pushmataha County Historical Museum is housed in the 1914 Frisco Railroad Depot.  The museum offers genealogical research as well as artifacts and local history.  Clayton Lake State Park offers camping, cabins and fishing.  In Tuskahoma, the Choctaw Nation Museum is housed in the Choctaw Capitol Building and features artifacts, art and documents from Choctaw Nation history. 

In 2000, census records showed 11,667 people living in Pushmataha County.  Countless resources exist for tracing genealogy in Pushmataha County including a local historical society.  For more information about genealogy in Pushmataha County, resources are provided below. 

Pushmataha County Courthouse Information

Existing Towns in Pushmataha County

Ghost Towns in Pushmataha County

Cemeteries in Pushmataha County

Historic Schools in Pushmataha County

Libraries in Pushmataha County

Newspaper Archives of Pushmataha County

Add'l Resources for Pushmataha County

Places to Visit in Pushmataha County

Pushmataha County Courthouse Information

Pushmataha County Courthouse
203 SW 3rd St.
Antlers, OK  74523
Telephone:  (580) 298-3626

Directions:  SW "B" St. & SW 3rd St.

Existing Towns in Pushmataha County

The following towns and cities are located in present day Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.





 Ghost Towns in Pushmataha County

The following towns and cities either no longer exist in Pushmataha County or are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past.  These towns and cities are commonly referred to as "ghost towns."







Council House

Crum Creek






























Cemeteries in Pushmataha County

The following cemeteries are located in present day Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

A.L. Stephens Cemetery

Albion Cemetery

Anderson Cemetery

Antlers City Cemetery

Armstrong Cemetery

Belzoni Cemetery

Black Fork Cemetery

Bond Cemetery

Borden Cemetery

Clayton Cemetery

Clayton Old Town

Cloudy Cemetery

Cole Family Cemetery

Cole Spur Cemetery

Corinne Cemetery

County Line Cemetery

Darwin Cemetery

Deerhaven Farm

Dela Cemetery

Edwards Cemetery

Ethel Cemetery

Fewell Cemetery

Finley Cemetery

Goodwater Cemetery

Graham Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Hall Cemetery

Heath Cemetery

Hilton Family Cemetery

Jack Creek Cemetery

Johns Valley Cemetery

Jumbo Cemetery

Kiamichi Mountains

Kiamichi Pioneer

Kosoma Cemetery

Locke Family Cemetery

Memorial Park

Miller Cemetery

Moyers Cemetery

Myers Cemetery

Nashoba Indian

Nelson Potter Cemetery

Noah Cemetery

Nolia Cemetery

Odd Fellows Cemetery

Ole Zora Cemetery

One Creek Valley

Pine Spur Cemetery

Potts Cemetery

Randall Family Cemetery

Rattan Cemetery

Reynolds Cemetery

Ringold Cemetery

Rocky Point Cemetery

Sardis Cemetery

Stanley Cemetery

Sugarloaf Cemetery

Talihina Cemetery

Tuskahoma Cemetery

Tuskahoma Choctaw
Veterans Cemetery

Walls Family Cemetery

Walnut Creek Ranch

West Fork Cemetery

Zoraya Cemetery

Historic Schools in Pushmataha County

The following historic schools, academies and schoolhouses were located in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.  Brief information about many of these schools can be found on the Schools Page of the Pushmataha County OKGenWeb site.  A list of schools in 1934 with detailed census information can be found below. 

Adell School

Albion School

Allen School

Antlers School

Bevans School

Big Cedar/Snow School

Black Fork School

Borden School

Briar Branch School

Bugtussel School

Caney Creek School

Clayton School

Cloudy School

Cora Lena School

Corinne School

Divide School

Donica School

Dunbar School

Ethel School

Fewell School

Finley School

Fitzgerald School

Florence School

Frazier Valley School

Ft. Thompson School

Greenwood School

Hall School

Honobia School

Jack Creek School

James Ranch School

John's Valley School

Joslin Valley School

Jumbo School

Kellond School

Kerns Ranch School

Liberty View School

Little Cedar/Archer School

Lively School

Midway/Stanley School

Moyers School

Nashoba School

New Hope School

Nine Pine School

Nolia School

North Nelson School

One Creek School

Pickens Creek/Ontucklo School

Pine Belt School

Post Oak School

Rattan School

Red Hill School

Roberson School

Rocky Point School

Rough Edge School

Sardis School

Sobol School

South Nelson School

St. Agnes Mission School

Sugar Loaf School

Tuskahoma School

Tuskahoma Female Academy

Union Hill School


Libraries in Pushmataha County

Antlers Public Library
104 SE 2nd St.
Antlers, OK  74523
Telephone:  (580) 298-5649

Cartwright Memorial Library
113 Lawson
Clayton, OK  74536
Telephone:  (918) 569-4776

Historic Newspaper Archives of Pushmataha County

Antlers American

Pushmataha County News

Additional Genealogy Resources for Pushmataha County

Pushmataha County on OKGenWeb: Oklahoma Genealogy & History

Pushmataha Historical Society
P.O. Box 285
Antlers, OK  74523

Places to Visit in Pushmataha County

While researching your family history in Pushmataha County, be sure to check out the following attractions located in the area.

Choctaw Nation Museum

Clayton Lake State Park

Honobia Creek Wildlife Management Area

Lake Nanih Waiya

Pushmataha County Historical Society Museum

Sardis Lake

Wildlife Heritage Center Museum

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