Where to Propose in Oklahoma

When it’s time to pop the question, use this list of unique Oklahoma places to inspire your perfect proposal.

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Up the romance factor in your life with a high-flying balloon ride for two with OKC Balloons Aloft.

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The hard part is over. You’ve found “the one” and want to spend the rest of your life with them. Now comes the fun part: the proposal. Take the guesswork out of one of life’s biggest questions with this list of gorgeous spaces and amazing places to enchant your special someone (and hopefully inspire a resounding “YES!”).

Natural Falls State Park - West Siloam Springs

Imagine a plush, green wonderland where ferns line the landscape and the soothing roar of a cascading waterfall provides serene background music. Natural Falls State Park in West Siloam Springs is consistently named one of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma, and it’s no wonder why. Here, a 77-foot waterfall rushes through rock formations in a narrow V-shaped valley.

Admire the falls from above on the observation deck or walk hand-in-hand down the staircase to the base of the falls, where you can propose surrounded by one of the most tranquil landscapes around.

Black Mesa - Kenton

Whisk your moon and stars away to the state’s highest point, where the sky is darker and the stars are brighter than you’ll find nearly anywhere else. Black Mesa, located in the Oklahoma panhandle, is known for having one of the darkest skies in the country, making it a popular viewing spot for meteor showers.

Trek to the summit armed with a pair of binoculars and an engagement ring. While they’re stargazing, bend down on one knee and let them know that they will always shine brightest in your life.

Hot Air Balloon Ride - Collinsville, Piedmont & Oklahoma City

Sweep them off their feet - literally - with a hot air balloon ride. Three companies — Skyway Balloons in Collinsville, Free Spirit Balloons in Piedmont and OKC Balloons Aloft in Oklahoma City — are ready to take you on the most important ride of your life. Give your pilot a head’s up that you’ll be proposing and they may even be able to take some photos of your special moment. Hot air balloon rides are typically available just after sunrise and before sunset, so you’re nearly guaranteed to have a scenic journey across the sky.

Oklahoma City Thunder Game - OKC

Score extra points with your loved one by taking them to an Oklahoma City Thunder game. Before the game begins, let the team management know that you’d like to be on the kiss cam so you can pop the question. If they're a little camera shy, wait for the right moment and then tell them that they’ll always be No. 1 to you.

White Dog Hill - Clinton

If nothing sounds more relaxing to you than a great dinner, glass of wine and spectacular sunset, then set your sights on White Dog Hill in Clinton. Known for its exquisite cuisine, unique history and a patio that offers amazing sunset views for miles, this one-of-a-kind restaurant got its start in the 1920s as a country club. Today, visitors from miles around flock to the native stone building for dinner four nights a week.

After your meal, head out to the patio where you can linger over a shared dessert and watch the sun set. Once your companion has been properly wined and dined, pop the question surrounded by glowing patio lights and the soft sounds of live music.

Secluded Cabin - Broken Bow

For a private getaway complete with a secluded cabin for two, head to Broken Bow in southeast Oklahoma. Cue them in on your feelings by selecting an appropriately-named cabin, like the Owl Always Love You Cabin from Blue Beaver Luxury Cabins or the P.S. I Love You Cabin from Bear Mountain Lodging. Each option has a luxurious king-sized bed, walk-in shower for two and outdoor hot tub perfect to set the mood for romance. Heat up your proposal in front of a stone fireplace and watch the sparks fly.

Love Lock Fountain - Eufaula

If your style of romance is less "low key" and more "no key," head to the Love Lock Fountain at Lake Eufaula State Park. There, you and your soulmate can seal the deal by fastening an engraved lock to the gate and throwing away the key.

Bridges - Statewide

Symbolically, bridges represent the crossing into a new territory, which makes it a perfect place to plan your proposal. Enter into the next phase of your relationship at one of Oklahoma’s picturesque bridges, like the lattice-covered bridge within Ackley Park in Elk City, the flower-lined walkway at Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City or (during the holiday season) at the spectacularly lit bridges at Rhema Christmas Lights in Tulsa and the Chickasha Festival of Light.

Philbrook Gardens - Tulsa

Not only does the Philbrook Museum of Art house extensive collections of fine art, but it’s also surrounded by lush landscaped gardens inspired by Northern Italy. Take a stroll within the 23-acre garden and you’ll spot stone-lined pathways, coy ponds, thousands of flowers, bridges, a sculpture walk, a creek, fountains, a gazebo and tucked away private areas where you can enjoy a picnic complete with champagne glasses for celebrating.

Winery - Statewide

Oklahoma’s wineries invite travelers to come in, sample the wine and take a look around the surrounding vineyards. Plan your trip to the winery in advance and surprise your paramour with a bottle of wine labeled “Will you marry me?” As an added bonus, you can also schedule a photographer to capture your proposal so you can look back on your special day throughout the years.

Collings Castle - Davis

Head to the Collings Castle inside Turner Falls Park in Davis for a proposal fit for a princess. This castle sits high above the roaring Turner Falls under a dense cover of trees. Although it’s no longer adorned for a king, the ruins of this castle have an air of mysterious romance, and the 77-foot waterfall below adds to the magical beauty.

Lake Hefner Lighthouse - Oklahoma City

There’s no need to travel to the ocean for a gorgeous lighthouse view. The East Wharf area at Lake Hefner is home to a 40-foot lighthouse located on a rocky peninsula, and is the most inland working lighthouse in the United States. Treat your partner to a romantic dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, then go for a turn on the lake’s walking path as you watch sailboats lazily coast along the tranquil waters before popping the question.

Looking for even more proposal inspiration? Check out the 10 most beautiful places in Oklahoma and 12 romantic bed and breakfast inns across the state.

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