Cowboy Shopping

If you’re going to go Western, you’ll have to have the right gear to carry it off. Spice up your Western-wear wardrobe at these cowboy shopping destinations across Oklahoma.

Browse the fine cowboy hats at Shorty's Caboy Hattery in Historic Stockyards City or custom order a handmade creation.
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If you don’t know the difference between a straw Resistol and a 20x Stetson, shopping for Western gear and garb will involve an education along the way. Even if you’re an expert, you’ll be delighted to discover that some of the best Western shopping – from rodeo gear to custom boots, hats, saddles, tack artwork and even furniture – is found in the Sooner State.

Langston’s Western Wear – Oklahoma City

Langston’s has been around since 1913, and the Stockyards City building that houses the flagship store has been around since 1910. Sure, a store that’s been around that long is likely to be a pretty good place to shop, but walk in and you’ll realize you wouldn’t care if it had opened yesterday. When it comes to the basics of Western haberdashery – boots, jeans and shirts – you’ll find what you want at Langston’s. Despite the cool neighborhood and local nature of the store, the prices are as good as you’d find at a national chain.

Shorty’s Caboy Hattery – Oklahoma City

Sure, Resistol, Stetson and Bailey all make fine hats, but Shorty will make you one you can truly call your own. The ultimate cowboy hat has to be Shorty’s custom-made 100x – the 100x means it’s all genuine beaver fur, and you’ll never need to worry about it in the rain. Shorty starts with a blank and uses traditional equipment and a careful hand to block and shape the hat to a customer’s liking. The lining and hatband are sewn in by hand. Less-expensive beaver blend hats (50x and 20x) are also available. Shorty’s can also resize and recondition a hat you already own.

Cowboy’s Tack Shop – Woodward

For rodeo-ready wear, look no further than Cowboy’s Tack Shop. You can find outstanding cowboy hats, polished belt buckles and much more at this Western outfitter. Browse the shelves and clothing racks to find the biggest names in Western wear, including Rattlers and Wrangler. Complete your look with high-quality, bootcut jeans, a plaid button-up, colorful boots and gorgeous jewelry. For your horse, pick out a bedazzled saddle, bridle or equine bell boots. At Cowboy’s, it doesn’t matter if you’re a rider, roper or just looking to add a little Western flair to your wardrobe.

Mock Brothers Saddlery – Sand Springs

Mock Brothers has been around since 1941. They make saddles on site, which is fun to watch, and the store also carries upper-end production saddle brands including Circle Y, Dan Martin, HR Saddlery and Bob’s Custom Saddles. They carry Western gifts, including sculptures, watches and accessories. Naturally, they have a full collection of Western clothing, tack and rodeo supplies. And boots, of course.

Little Bit of Country – Sapulpa

Spruce up your living space with the Western and rustic home décor found at Little Bit of Country. Located on historic Route 66, this one-of-a-kind boutique specializes in impressive woodwork, pottery, hand-forged iron décor, and attention-grabbing necklaces and earrings from local artists and artisans. Step inside the shop to browse merchandise from resident retailers like Western Anvil Artisan Metals, Trading Post and Stepper’s Shine. After 30 years in business, Little Bit of Country has made its mark on the Western décor scene and is even behind the rustic design of Cattleman’s Steakhouse.

Workman’s Department Store – Tahlequah

Since 1968, Workman’s Department Store has delivered brands from Wranglers to Redwing, Levi’s and more to Tahlequah. Find exactly what you’re looking for in the extensive stock of men's, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Well-made jeans, belts, leather wallets, colorful shirts and quality boots are perfect for gift giving or for treating yourself. For Western clothing to compliment your style, look no further than Workman’s Department Store.

Dorwart Custom Cowboy Boots – Edmond

Ray Dorwart will tell you that store-bought boots are like canned biscuits – they’re easy to find and will satisfy a customer's immediate needs. But a foot is a unique thing, and Dorwart says he’s never seen a boot that truly fit more than one foot. Dorwart Custom Cowboy Boots makes only custom boots. They’re made to measure, one pair at a time, to each customer’s taste and comfort from top-grade materials. Side seams, welts and soles are stitched with hot-waxed linen thread, which Dorwart guarantees against ripping.

Schafer Hat Works – Noble

Fred Schafer of Schafer Hat Works makes hats one at a time and he’s made them for some pretty famous heads – including heads of state. Visit Schafer’s shop and you can join the ranks of his star-studded customer list that includes both President Bushes, Charlie Daniels, Toby Keith, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Dale Earnhart, Jr. and Travis Tritt. He’ll tell you that with 35 years of experience under his hatband, there isn’t a head he can’t fit. But much of this hat maker’s charm is his understanding of a person’s emotional tie to his headwear. He lives for that moment when a customer dons the hat and realizes it’s made him a new person, too.

Yocham’s Custom Leather & Cowboy Decor – Bartlesville

Rick Yocham can make you just about anything. From custom saddles to custom sofas, Yocham and his wife, Rhonda, have been at it since 1974. Rick took a liking to cowboys back in the fourth grade and turned his interest into a business. He started out making saddles and tack, but a growing family launched an interest in making furniture. Everything in Yocham's is cowboy, and if it’s too big to take with you, he’ll ship it. Check out some of the unique tables, sofas and chairs. Be sure to have a look at special accouterments like shaving kits, purses and holsters to complete your Western look.

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