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Craig County in northeast Oklahoma.

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Craig County was formed at the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and named after Granville Craig, a prominent Cherokee farmer. Mining began in Craig County after the Civil War, and at the turn of the 21st century, coal was still being produced there. Established in 1871, Vinita is Oklahoma’s second-oldest town and the county seat of Craig County. The Eastern Trails Museum in Vinita offers visitors information about American Indian history, as well as train and military artifacts. Vinita is located on Route 66 with many restaurants and attractions along the highway. The annual Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo is held in Vinita and includes barrel racing and bareback bronc riding, among other activities.

In 2000, census records showed 14,950 people living in Craig County. Countless assets exist for tracing genealogy in Craig County including legal records, cemetery records and a local genealogy society. Valuable resources for researching genealogy in Craig County are provided below, including a list of existing towns, the county courthouse address, a detailed map of the county and a list of cemeteries located within the county.

Craig County Courthouse Information

Detailed Map of Craig County

Existing Towns in Craig County

Ghost Towns in Craig County

Cemeteries in Craig County

Historic Schools in Craig County

Libraries in Craig County

Historic Newspaper Archives of Craig County

Add'l Genealogy Resources for Craig County

Places to Visit in Craig County

Craig County Courthouse Information

Craig County Clerk
301 W. Canadian
Vinita, OK 74301
Telephone: (918) 256-2507

Directions: S. Smith & W. Canadian St.

Records available: Court Clerk has marriage records from 1902, divorce, probate and civil records from 1907; County Clerk has land records.

Detailed Map of Craig County

Search for cemeteries, highways and scenic sites, or examine county or township lines with this detailed map of Craig County.

Existing Towns in Craig County

While researching your family history in Craig County, be sure to visit Vinita, the largest town in the county. The following towns and cities are located in present day Craig County, Oklahoma.

Big Cabin





Ghost Towns in Craig County

The following towns and cities either no longer exist in Craig County or are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past. These towns and cities are commonly referred to as "ghost towns."



Pyramid Corners

White Oak

Cemeteries in Craig County

The following cemeteries are located in present day Craig County, Oklahoma.

Berry Cemetery

Big Cabin Cemetery

Blackfeather Cemetery

Bluejacket Cemetery

Bluejacket Family

Bobb Family Cemetery

Carselowey Cemetery

Centralia Cemetery

Deal Cemetery

Dick-Daugherty Family Cemetery

Donnelly Cemetery

Eastern State Hospital Cemetery

Elliott Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Garbarino Cemetery

Ketchum Cemetery

Keys Cemetery

King Family Cemetery

Landrum Cemetery

Jacob Longtail Cemetery

Luli Indian Cemetery

Manely-Ross Cemetery

McCoy Cemetery

McCreary Family
(AKA Hooper) Cemetery

Messer Cemetery

Morris (AKA Stinger)

Nix Cemetery

Old Ketchum Cemetery

Parks Cemetery

Petitt Cemetery

Pheasant Hill Cemetery

Plainview (AKA Hedrick) Cemetery

Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Riddle Cemetery

Roach (AKA Locust Hill) Cemetery

Rogers Cemetery

Russell Creek Cemetery

St. Augustine Cemetery (Catholic)

Schrimsher Cemetery

Scott Cemetery

Secondine Cemetery

Sol Ketchum Cemetery

Timber Hill Cemetery

Thomas Family Cemetery

Timpson Chapel Cemetery

Bear Timpson Cemetery

Tucker (Okoee) Cemetery

Tucker (African-American) Cemetery

Landrum Graves

Walker Cemetery

Weaver Cemetery

Welch Cemetery

West Cemetery

West Point Cemetery

West Fork Cemetery

White Oak Cemetery

Williams Family Cemetery

Williams Timberhill Cemetery

Historic Schools in Craig County

The following historic schools, academies and schoolhouses were located in Craig County, Oklahoma. Brief information about many of these schools can be found on the Schools Page of the Craig County OkGenWeb site.

Adams School

Albia School

Alrid (African-American)

Ashby School

Attucks (African-American) School

Banner (African-American) School

Ben Adair (African-American) School

Big Cabin (African-American) School

Bluebell School

Blue Hawk School

Bluejacket School

Booker (African-American) School

Bug Shuffle School

Bunker School

Carselowey School

Carter School

Centerview School

Centralia School

Clear Creek School

Cline School

Coats School

Cobb School

Couch School

Council Grove School

Council Point School

Coyne School

Dixon School

Dupree School

Eagle School

East Anthracite School

Estella School

Eureka School

Fairview School

Fields School

Freeman School

Freeman (African-American) School

Goldenrod School

Grandview School

Grant Mound School

Grove Point School

Gwendale School

Harris School

Happy Hollow School

Headrick School

Hill (African-American)

Holland School

Hudson School

Hurst School

Ideal School

Ironpost School

Ironside School

JJ Breakbill School

Jones Spur School

Kelly School

Kelso School

Ketchum School

Longview School

McCollough School

Maybelle School

Miles School

Mineral Hill School

Morris School

Nash (African-American)

Nix School

Notch Mound School

Oak Grove School

Payne School

Petitt School

Pheasant Hill School

Plainview School

Plateau School

Pleasant Grove School

Pleasant Valley School

Prairie Center School

Prairie Chapel School

Prairie View School

Reese (African-American) School

Riggs Chapel School

Rogers School

Ross School

Russell Creek School

Sequoyah School

Shanahan School

Shelton School

Smith School

St Paul (African-American) School

Stony Point School

Stice School

Success School

Sunflower School

Sunshine School

Taylor School

Thornton School

Timber Hill School

Todd School

Trotter School

Union School

Valley School

Vinita School

Libraries in Craig County

Vinita Public Library
215 W. Illinois
Vinita, OK 74301
Telephone: (918) 256-2115

Historic Newspaper Archives of Craig County

The Centralia Standard

Vinita News

Additional Genealogy Resources for Craig County

Craig County on OKGenWeb: Oklahoma Genealogy & History

Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 484
Vinita, OK 74301

Places to Visit in Craig County

While researching your family history in Craig County, be sure to check out the following attractions located in the area.

Eastern Trails Museum

Hammerhead Marina

Willow Park Marina

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