Oklahoma's Spirit Tours & Ghost Walks

Discover Oklahoma’s ghostly history through these ten haunted tours. Perfect for Halloween or anytime you want a dose of fright, these eerie tours deliver spooky stories and, if you’re lucky, a glimpse of Oklahoma’s famous ghosts!

Take a lantern-lit trek into the haunted history of historic Fort Reno.

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Oklahoma’s rich and fascinating history has spawned a variety of spooky happenings and haunted hot spots. Historical sites, which have garnered a reputation for ghostly sightings, are scattered throughout the state, welcoming paranormal teams and visitors alike to explore abandoned hallways, gloomy cemeteries and more. If you’re brave enough, take an official tour with paranormal professionals and let them guide you through some of Oklahoma’s darkest and spookiest corners.

Tulsa Spirit Tours

Join one of the state’s most active and entertaining paranormal investigation teams for a macabre and fun night out. Tulsa Spirit Tours features several unique ghost tours that take you through numerous haunted sites in and around Tulsa. On the flagship Party Bus Tour, you can experience two hours of chilling history and first-hand ghost hunting. The tour, which has been in operation for over a decade, covers the Tulsa Race Riots, the Gilcrease Home & Tomb, the famous Tulsa Cave House and more, while also introducing patrons to real Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) captured by the investigative team.

Also, don’t miss the Ghosts, Girls, Guitars & Gunslingers Tour, which shows visitors around the darker side of the historic Tulsa Arts District and its famous rock ‘n roll past. You can also enjoy a “spirited” evening out during the Haunted Pub Crawl. Participants will visit three of Tulsa’s most notorious clubs and enjoy a drink or two while hearing the eerie stories and ghostly encounters from each pub.

Guthrie Ghost Walk

Few towns in Oklahoma have a richer history than Guthrie. In its early days, Guthrie was a destination for famous politicians, actors, activists, cutthroat businessmen and outlaws. These vibrant and notorious people left an indelible mark on the quickly expanding town. The classic Victorian/Edwardian architecture and brick-paved sidewalks that distinguish Guthrie’s historical district provide a perfect stage for the Guthrie Ghost Walk, which delves into the mysterious and elusive side of the town’s lavish history.

Primarily known for its influence on Oklahoma’s early statehood, few know that Guthrie is also a hub of paranormal activity and investigation. Stories of spirits and specters surface throughout the year, and the Guthrie Ghost Walk takes you directly to the source. You’ll see bullet holes in the ceiling of one of the oldest saloons in Oklahoma, as well as the shuttered windows of the Territorial Jail, which holds many a dark memory. Come and join the tour guides for a truly unique and potentially phantasmal experience in the town where Oklahoma began.

Fort Reno Ghost Tours

Take an eerie, lantern-lit walk through historic Fort Reno, including the fort’s chapel and surrounding cemetery, during a Fort Reno Ghost Tour. A very active fort in Oklahoma’s formative years, as well as a German POW camp during WWII, Fort Reno features a complicated history that has reportedly left many restless spirits behind. Believers and skeptics alike will have a fascinating experience touring this hotbed of paranormal activity in El Reno. Common paranormal experiences at the fort include the sound of heavy boots walking throughout the fort, pictures falling off walls, faucets turning on and off, mysterious shadows and even the sighting of a ghostly little girl through the building’s windows.

Hunter's Home Ghost Stories

It’s no surprise that a place as old as the Hunter's Home in Park Hill has cultivated a ghostly reputation. As the only surviving antebellum home in Oklahoma, the Hunter's Home features a complicated history involving its survival through the Trail of Tears era and the Civil War. During Hunter's Home Ghost Stories, visitors will begin the tour with a serving of cookies and cider before moving throughout the house to hear spine-tingling tales from costumed storytellers.

Stay alert, since there is always a possibility you might catch a glimpse of one of the home’s famous apparitions. It is reported that deceased slaves still wander the grounds and visitors have seen a mysterious black dog that began appearing near the local creek over 150 years ago. Other sightings have included a woman who appears in the home’s attic window and a little girl who manifests on the stairs. Don’t miss the chance to experience the Hunter's Home’s fascinating past and haunted present.

Enid Cemetery Tombstone Tales

Witness history come alive after dark during the Enid Cemetery Tombstone Tales tour. In a horse-drawn carriage, you will experience the fascinating history of Enid as costumed re-enactors regale you with startling and disquieting tales of life and death in Enid’s early days. Past events have included tales of gunned down cowboys, kidnapped pioneers, Civil War soldiers and homesteading women who participated in the Cherokee Outlet land runs. Take the tour and get a glimpse into the wild and untamed Enid of eras past.

Edmond Historic Ghost Tours

As if the Gracelawn Cemetery weren't spooky enough in the middle of the night, Edmond Historic Ghost Tours brings your worst fears to life with a bit of period acting. While your tour guide embarks on a starlit, haunting rendition of Edmond city history, you may start to feel goose bumps start to form. Just as the hair on the back of your neck stands up, you're sure to notice a faint, seemingly floating figure dressed in late 1800s garb slowly approach you. Other tour guides dressed in early 1900s period costumes will join this ghost-like representation of Edmond's founding fathers. Watch as historical Edmond figures come back to life on this fright-inducing ghost tour held within cemetery grounds.

Bartlesville Ghost Walk

Join the award-winning Bartlesville Ghost Walk, where you can get the scoop on Bartlesville’s most haunted places, during the month of October. From the shocking story of a traveling corpse to the tale of the legendary Bootleggers Liquor War, this tour will frighten and entertain the whole family. Based on historical research by the Bartlesville Area History Museum staff, this tour takes visitors to the historical buildings where the events actually occurred – just don’t forget to settle your nerves at one of the many downtown restaurants after the tour. This spooky event happens only two nights a year, so secure your tickets early.

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