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Discover Pontotoc County and trace your family history and ancestry with this list of county-specific genealogy resources.

Pontotoc County.

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Located in southeastern Oklahoma, Pontotoc County was named for a historic Chickasaw tribal area in Mississippi. The California Road was an early travel route in the area, and the Delaware Mount plateau was a popular feature along the way. Established before statehood, limestone quarries and cement production have both been major economic forces in Pontotoc County.

In 1974, the Chickasaw Nation established their headquarters in Ada. East Central University, a four-year college, is also located in Ada. Visitors to Pontotoc County will enjoy trips to the Old Bank Art Gallery, the McSwain Theatre or the Ada Gaming Center.

In 2020, census records showed 38,065 people living in Pontotoc County. Countless assets exist for tracing genealogy in Pontotoc County including legal records, cemetery records and a local genealogical society. Valuable resources for researching genealogy in Pontotoc County are provided below, including a list of existing towns, the county courthouse address, a detailed map of the county and a list of cemeteries located within the county.

Pontotoc County Courthouse Information

Pontotoc County Clerk
P.O. Box 1425
Ada, OK 74820
Telephone: 405) 332-1425

Directions: On W. 13th at S. Broadway.

Records available: Court Clerk has marriage, divorce, probate and civil court records from 1907.

Detailed Map of Pontotoc County

Search for cemeteries, highways and scenic sites, or examine county and township lines with this detailed map of Pontotoc County.

Existing Towns in Pontotoc County

The following towns and cities are located in present day Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.








Ghost Towns in Pontotoc County

The following towns and cities either no longer exist in Pontotoc County or are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past. These towns and cities are commonly referred to as "ghost towns."


















Cemeteries in Pontotoc County

The following cemeteries are located in present day Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.

Alexander Family

Allen Cemetery

Allison Cemetery

Athens Cemetery

Atkins Cemetery

Atkins Family Cemetery

Black Rock Cemetery

Box X Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Burg Dale Cemetery

Carney Family Cemetery

Center Cemetery

Cockran Cemetery

Colbert Cemetery

Colbert Cemetery II

Colley Cemetery

Conway Cemetery

Coon Family Cemetery

Denney Cemetery

Dolberg Cemetery

East Hill Cemetery

Egypt Cemetery

Fittstown Baptist
Church Cemetery

Five Mile Cemetery

Francis Cedar Grove

Ford Cemetery

Franks Cemetery

Frisco Cemetery

Galey Cemetery

Grove Cemetery

Globe Cemetery

Hardin City Cemetery

Hart Cemetery

Hatch Family Cemetery

Hays Cemetery

Hickory Hill Cemetery

High Hill Cemetery

Highland Cemetery

Hird Cemetery

Indian Cemetery

Indian Cemetery II

Jesse Cemetery

Johnson Family

Kerr Family Cemetery

Kilcrease Cemetery

Knox Cemetery

Last Chance Ranch

Latta Cemetery

Lawrence Cemetery

Leader Cemetery

Lightning Ridge

Llano Cemetery

Love Cemetery

Lula Cemetery

Malville Cemetery

Maxwell Cemetery

McCarty Cemetery

McClure Cemetery

Melville Cemetery

Memorial Park

Midland Cemetery

Moss Cemetery

New Bethel Cemetery

North Hickory Cemetery

Northlawn Memorial

Oakman Cemetery

Old Moss Cemetery

Oliver Cemetery

Owl Creek Cemetery

Palmer Family Cemetery

Panther Creek Cemetery

Perry Family Cemetery

Pickett Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Porter Cemetery

Puller Cemetery

Red Oak Cemetery

Red Spring Cemetery

Robertson Family

Rock Creek Cemetery

Rocky Chapel Cemetery

Rosedale Cemetery

Seedtick Cemetery

Steedman Cemetery

Stonewall Cemetery

Sunshine Cemetery

Swan Hill Cemetery

Thomas Family Cemetery

Tyrola Community

Underwood Cemetery

Victory Cemetery

Wade Killcrease Family Cemetery

West Hill Cemetery

Wolfe Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery

York Cemetery

Historic Schools in Pontotoc County

The following historic schools, academies and schoolhouses were located in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.

Ada Schools

Allen Schools

Amloso School

Beebe School

Bellview School

Black Rock School

Blue Mound School

Brook Haven School

Byng Schools

Canyon Spring School

Cedar Grove School

Center School

Chimney Hill School

Collin Institute

Conway School

Cresco School

Denny School

Dohlberg School

Egypt School

Fairland School

Fitshugh School

Fittstown School

Francis School

Franks School

Frisco School

Gale School

Goose Creek School

Green Hill School

Halls Hill School

Happyland School

Hart School

Haskell School

High Hill School

Homer School

Horseshoe Ranch School

Jesse School

Jones Chapel

Knox School

Lanham School

Latta School

Laxton School

Lightening Ridge School

Lovelady School

Lula School

McLish School

New Homer School

Oakman School

Old McCall School

Owl Creek School

Parish Chapel School

Pecan Grove School

Pickett School

Pleasant Hill School

Pleasant Valley School

Red Oak School

Rocky Chapel School

Roff School

Round Top School

Shady Grove School

Stonewall School

Summer Chapel School

Sunshine School

Tyrola School

Union Hill School

Walnut Grove School

Wilson School

Worstan School

Yeager School

Libraries in Pontotoc County

Ada Public Library
124 S. Rennie
Ada, OK 74820
Telephone: (580) 436-8124

Allen Public Library
214 E. Broadway
Allen, OK 74825
Telephone: (580) 857-2933

Historic Newspaper Archives of Pontotoc County

Ada News

Ada Evening News

Chickasaw Times

Roff Index

Tribal Nations in Pontotoc County

Chickasaw Nation
520 Arlington St.
Ada, OK 74820
Telephone: (580) 436-2603

Additional Genealogy Resources for Pontotoc County

Pontotoc County Historical & Genealogical Society
221 W. 16th
Ada, OK 74820

Places to Visit in Pontotoc County

While researching your family history in Pontotoc County, be sure to check out the following attractions located in the area.

Ada Gaming Center

Arts District of Ada

McSwain Theatre & Art Gallery

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