The Farmer's Daughter Market

302 N Broadway Ave
Tecumseh, OK 74873

The Farmer's Daughter Market

302 N Broadway Ave
Tecumseh, OK 74873

The Farmer’s Daughter Market is a unique dining and shopping destination located in Tecumseh. With a wide range of delicious food, urban farmhouse decor, flowers, antiques and take home meals, baked goods, and other delights, your heart, home and tastebuds will thank you for paying a visit.

Head inside the market first for your choice of cuisine from two eateries. The Tomato Patch Café, open Tuesday through Saturday, features daily soups, salads and wraps. Specialty pies like the tomato and cheese blend are sure to fill you up, along with specialty sandwiches. Pickles & Pigs Barbeque, open on Fridays and Saturdays, offers smoked brisket, pulled pork and ribs served with array of salads and side items like stuffed baked potatoes, creamy cole slaw and pinto beans.

The Farmer’s Daughter Market also aims to satisfy your sweet tooth with freshly baked treats. Step inside the The Kalico Kitchen Bakery for dozens of baked good options, from the blueberry lemon cake and peanut butter crunch bon bon to the Italian cream cupcake and delectable chocolate strawberry cake. You can also order slices of coconut cream and peanut butter pie or bags of pecan and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Iced cookies are also available, from the sugar cookie filled with lemon cream icing to the pecan cookie filled with cream.

Those who need to feed the family in a pinch can head inside the Dinner Bell Takery for a whole host of easy, take-home casseroles like American goulash, chicken tortilla casserole, chicken spaghetti, or spinach lasagna. Choose between the American goulash and chicken tortilla casserole, or ask for a Crockpot make-at-home meal. You can also bring home delicious homemade soups and stews, baked goods, jams, jellies and sauces. Seasonal vegetables and farm-fresh eggs are also on hand, in addition to refreshing sides like potato and macaroni salad, pimento cheese and black-eyed pea salad.

Before you leave with full bellies and grocery bags, be sure to browse through the countless home decor merchandise in The Farmhouse Home Décor and The Homestead. Both of these shops are filled to the brim with furniture, home accents, antiques, gifts and a wide variety of embellishments to adorn the home. 

Whether you're seeking out new accent candles or dinner for the kids, The Farmer’s Daughter Market​ has all your home needs covered.





Tuesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thursday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
The Tomato Patch Café Hours:
Tues-Thurs: 10am– 3pm.
Fri-Sat: 10am–6pm.

Pickles & Pigs Barbecue:
Fri-Sat: 10 am–6pm.
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