Saucee Sicilian

Metro OKC Area
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Saucee Sicilian

Metro OKC Area
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Track down the Saucee Sicilian for wood-fired, authentic Neapolitan style cuisine.

Following old world recipes passed down through several generations, everything on the Saucee Sicilian truck is handmade or sourced from the finest ingredients. Truck co-owner Nonna scratch makes and slow simmers her famous meatballs, the Italian sausage, pizza sauce and pesto, perfectly replicating recipes passed down from her grandmother’s kitchen.

True to the Neapolitan tradition, all the pizzas at Saucee Sicilian are assembled to order and cooked up in a wood fired oven, expertly manned by Nonna’s son and fellow truck owner, Gannon. This nationally recognized, award winning food truck is one of just a handful nationwide equipped with a wood fired oven on board.

Ranging from the basic Syracuse, to the time honored Margherita or the fully loaded My Big Fat Ex, choose your favorite from a selection of ten pizzas at Saucee Sicilian. Pair up your pie with Nonna’s Sauce and Balls or the house made Focaccia and top the whole experience off with the decadent S’mores Calzone.

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