• Remount station workers at Fort Reno in El Reno, Oklahoma circa 1910. Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Historical Society.


Does your family have a connection to Oklahoma? Take a journey of self-discovery and trace your family tree while connecting with the people, places and landscapes that helped shape your ancestors.

Genealogy is the fastest growing hobby in the United States and as individuals across the nation catch the fever and begin researching their ancestry, many find that the road leads to Oklahoma. Home to 39 Federally recognized Indian tribes, countless waves of pioneer settlers and the genesis of the great Okie migration during the Dust Bowl days, Oklahoma holds the keys to unlocking many family histories.

We'll point you to research libraries that contain copies of the Dawes Rolls if you are tracing Native American ancestors, county courthouses that contain original land patents for pioneering settlers who made the land runs into Oklahoma and interment lists for many Oklahoma cemeteries. We'll help you find friendly genealogical and historical societies with a wealth of firsthand knowledge about the records and resources of their counties. And we've even provided recommendations for things to see and do in each county while you visit.

Use the map below to select a specific county you are interested in researching, or use the article library on this page to learn more about the resources and ancestral tourism opportunities available to genealogy buffs in Oklahoma.

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