Eva Schlegel: Multiple Voices

Aug 31, 2023 - Jan 13, 2025
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
11 NW 11th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone: 405-951-0000

Multiple Voices is the first public artwork in the United States by Eva Schlegel, the Austria-based artist known for engineering steel and mirrors into spectacular, architectonic sculptures. Working with materials similar to the arts center’s new building, Schlegel created a series of polished and translucent surfaces that catch and reflect light and parts of the surrounding environment, encouraging visitors to gather, play and learn. Poems by Steve Bellin-Oka, Kimberly Blaeser and Joy Harjo appear in blurred form on glass panels, registering each poem as part of the sculpture, but rendered cryptic to the viewer.

Image: Rendering of Eva Schlegel's Multiple Voices at Oklahoma Contemporary. Rendering: Damjan Minovski, Architectural team: Valerie Messini.

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