Beckham County Courthouse

104 S 3rd St
Sayre, OK 73662

Beckham County Courthouse

104 S 3rd St
Sayre, OK 73662

Constructed in 1911, the Beckham County Courthouse is famous for its appearance in the classic 1940 movie "The Grapes of Wrath." Featuring a blend of neo-classical and Renaissance revival styles, the Beckham County Courthouse is one of the few courthouses in the state topped by a large dome. This fully operational courthouse remains the center of civic and legal activity in the surrounding community. 

The landmark building stands tall in Sayre's main square overlooking the historic Mother Road. When Route 66 was routed through Sayre in 1928, the courthouse had already been serving the public for nearly 20 years. It was then that the town of Sayre began serving the steady stream of travelers exploring the country in automobiles on the east to west section of Route 66.

The brick courthouse is three stories and features Doric columns, wide pilasters and a third-floor cornice of copper sheeting. Twelve large columns support the larger clock dome, while twelve smaller columns support a smaller dome above. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, the courthouse was designed by the architectural firm of Layton, Smith and Hawk.




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