Break O' Day Farm & Metcalfe Museum

8647 N 1745 Rd
Durham, OK 73642

Break O' Day Farm & Metcalfe Museum

8647 N 1745 Rd
Durham, OK 73642
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The Break O'Day Farm was homesteaded by Augusta Corson Metcalfe in 1893. She grew crops, raised cattle and horses, and painted from this location for the next 78 years. Metcalfe was featured in the July 17, 1950, issue of Life Magazine for her western paintings. In 1968, she was inducted into Oklahoma's Hall of Fame for her contribution to art and into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 1984 for her horsemanship. Metcalfe's oils and watercolors span over 60 years and are featured exhibits in the museum.

The museum also exhibits contemporary regional artists. The museum and homestead provide insights into 106 years of one family's rural lifestyle, including the Oklahoma Territory years (1893-1907) and the dust bowl years (1930s). Metcalfe's art studio and family artifacts are on exhibit and include her paint and paintbrushes, handmade hair flowers, the original Corson Chuck Box, the Blue Goose Saloon, the implement barn and a furnished one-room house. The farm received designation on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006 and is an Oklahoma Centennial Farm. Reservations for groups of 10 or more are appreciated. Lunch can be provided for $7.50 a person with one week advance notice.




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