Heavener & Wister

This episode of the Weekender is all about railcars and relics. Come along as we take you on a tour of where to eat, stay and play in Heavener & Wister.
Weekender Section: eat

Southern Belle Restaurant

Stop by Southern Belle Restaurant in Heavener to chow down on traditional southern cooking. You’ll find tasty steaks, burgers, fish, sandwiches and pork chops, all prepared in a down-home fashion, on the menu. For a real treat, pair your main ...

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Weekender Section: stay

Lake Wister State Park

A gateway to the beautiful Ouachita National Forest, Lake Wister State Park in southeast Oklahoma offers five camping areas around the 115 miles of scenic shoreline. This outdoor haven offers park visitors a variety of activities including ...

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Weekender Section: play

Heavener Runestone Park

Experience fascinating history and scenic nature at once with a visit to Heavener Runestone Park. This dynamic attraction in southeastern Oklahoma is the site of the annual Heavener Runestone Viking Festival, thanks to its unique ...

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