Episode 44 - Tulsa, Hominy & Skiatook

After admiring the manicured terraces and pathways of the Tulsa Botanic Gardens and the fine artisan Cha' Tullis Gallery in Hominy, the RoadTripOK Team stops by Mac's Barbecue for some mouthwatering meats with savory sides.


Tulsa Botanic Garden

Once spring launches and the flowers are in full bloom, head to Tulsa Botanic Garden for a peaceful walk through stunning greenery, exotic plants and colorful landscapes. Venture along the Lakeside Promenade to reach the A.R. & ...

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Cha' Tullis Gallery

Stop by and browse a collection of artwork, crafts, jewelry, literature and music, located in the heart of Osage Nation. Items feature Native American, cowboy and nature-themed artwork and gifts. From Indian fry bread to incense, talking sticks to ...

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Mac's Barbeque

What's a small Oklahoma town without a first-rate barbecue joint? Skiatook passes the test with Mac's, a fixture in the community north of Tulsa since 1985. Founder Mike McMillan dishes up a mess of tasty hickory or pecan-smoked meats ...

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