Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

6800 S Elwood Ave
Tulsa, OK 74127

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

6800 S Elwood Ave
Tulsa, OK 74127

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area consists of over 300 acres of undeveloped property that stretches along the Arkansas River, minutes away from downtown Tulsa. This trail-lover's paradise is situated on Turkey Mountain, a quiet, secluded area with a variety of elevation changes. In addition to the marked trails listed below, Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area offers 25 miles of unmarked trails.

Red Trail: This 0.8-mile loop is the shortest of the marked trails. The Red Trail is paved and the ground is fairly even, so it's perfect for beginners. This route begins at the trailhead, then loops around, almost in a figure-eight shape. 

Blue Trail: From the trailhead, you'll go north on the trail to the left. This challenging trail goes up steep hills, making its way up to the very top of Turkey Mountain for a total of 1.5 miles. You'll pass by a small pond about one-third of the way around, and soon after that you will get out of the trees and start making your way downhill, back to the trailhead. 

Yellow Trail: This 4.4-mile trail heads north from the trailhead and then runs along the east side of Turkey Mountain toward the Arkansas River. It then turns again to run parallel with the river. The route is mostly straight at this point, and runs north. You will come across a hairpin turn; this is where the trail heads back south towards the trailhead.

Pink Trail: At 5.7 miles, the Pink Trail is the longest of the trails. This trail can be accessed from the Blue Trail, and explores the western side of Turkey Mountain, providing great sunset views. Wind your way through this route, which includes zig-zag paths and interesting switchbacks. 





Open daily from dawn to dusk.
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