Cherokee National Citizen's Cemetery

1425 E Poplar Ave
Fort Gibson, OK 74434

Cherokee National Citizen's Cemetery

1425 E Poplar Ave
Fort Gibson, OK 74434

Cherokee National Citizen's Cemetery, located within the Fort Gibson Historic Site, is a national historic landmark maintained by the town of Fort Gibson. Some of the gravesites date back to pre-Civil War days. Fort Gibson’s Cherokee National Citizen’s Cemetery is also the resting place of the notorious outlaw Cherokee Bill. 

Born Crawford Goldsby with mixed African, Native American and white ancestry, Cherokee Bill started his short, violent crime spree at the age of 18. Having killed a man in Fort Gibson, Bill went on the run and ended up joining the famous Cook Brothers, who traveled across Oklahoma and Arkansas on various crime sprees. They robbed banks, held up trains and killed anyone who stood in their way. Finally, he was caught and turned in by his acquaintances for the bounty. At age 20, he was executed in Fort Smith, Arkansas.



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