Bell Cow Lake Trail System

Bell Cow Lake
Chandler, OK 74834

Bell Cow Lake Trail System

Bell Cow Lake
Chandler, OK 74834

Open for equestrian use, hiking and mountain biking, the Bell Cow Lake Trail System runs along the shoreline of Bell Cow Lake near Chandler.  Featuring two out-and-back trails, this system is mostly used by equestrians, and is considered to be easy and accessible for beginners.  The trails share a trailhead, which is located within the Area C equestrian campground. 

Flat Rock Trail: This trail is a total of 12.4 miles out and back.  Starting at the trailhead, head west on Flat Rock Trail.  This route meanders near the shoreline of the lake for the most part, and crosses some shallow streams along the way.  The terrain is mostly even, with the path taking you through wooded areas as well as open spaces.  The trail curves around the contours of the lake shoreline, but overall will take you to the northwest.  Towards the end of the route, you'll come across a fork in the road.  Going to the right will take you on a loop that stays close to the shoreline, then back around to the main path.  To stay on the main path, keep to the left.  At the end of the trail, there is a turnaround loop; this will take you away from the lake, then circle back to the main path from which you came. 

Redbud Trail: The Redbud Trail winds around the south, east and north shoreline of Bell Cow Lake for a total of 22 miles out and back.  From the trailhead, go southeast.  You'll wind around the shore until heading back to the north; soon after the trail curves around and you will then follow the trail back south, parallel to the main road to the campground.  Along the way you'll pass a few creeks, winding towards the east around one of the lake's inlets.  You'll head back north, pass Area D, then go east towards the area below the dam.  Follow the trail around the dam, where you'll run into Area A.  The route then heads back to the west, going over two bridges on Lake Road.  After that, the trail basically follows the shoreline, with the option for a loop that goes away from the lake to explore more of the countryside.  Keep going west and you'll encounter the turnaround loop, which extends out onto one of the lake's small peninsulas.  Take the loop around and go back the way you came to return to the trailhead. 

Permits for equestrian riding, camping, boating and camping can be picked up at Chandler City Hall, located at 414 Manvel Ave, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Permits can also be requested by mail.



Primitive Camping: $8
RV Camping: $15
Pavilion Rental: $50/per day
Trail permit: $3 per horse, per day.
Fishing: $3
Boating: $5

Permits can be picked up at Chandler City Hall, located at 414 Manvel Ave, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Permits can also be requested by mail.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing listed above, prices are subject to change without notice.


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