Prague Lake Trail

NW of City
Prague, OK 74864

Prague Lake Trail

NW of City
Prague, OK 74864

Winding around the 400-acre Prague Lake, the Prague Lake Trail is open for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking.  The trailhead is located within the lake park, and trail maps are available at the office in the park.  The main trail will be marked by trees with pink ribbons, and the side trails are marked with blue ribbons.  The Prague Lake Trail is mostly flat and sandy. 

Starting off on the trail, you'll follow the path southward, curving around the south end of the lake.  You'll go through a heavily-wooded area in this section.  Along the way you'll cross a few creek beds, which will present some challenging inclines.  The trail will divide along the way, but if you follow the pink ribbons you'll stay on the main trail.  You'll keep on the trail as it heads back to the north, basically following the shoreline of the lake. 

About six miles along the trail, you can take a break at an open picnic area, complete with a water pump, tables, benches and trash cans.  Back on the trail, you'll head west, where you'll cross the dam on the north side of the lake.  After crossing the dam, you'll head back southward, where you'll enter another wooded area.  Again the trail will follow the lake's shoreline, ending at the paved road that leads back to the lake park. 




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