Granite Hills Trail System

Granite Hills Trail System
Great Plains State Park
22487 E 1566 Rd
Mountain Park
Phone: 580-569-2032

The Granite Hills Trail System, located within Great Plains State Park on the southeastern edge of Tom Steed Reservoir, is a challenging series of trails for both hiking and mountain biking.  This trail system consists of three trails that wind through the rugged terrain of the Granite Hills.  The trails are easily accessible from multiple points, and in places they run together or parallel to each other, allowing you to switch to another route if you want.  Considered to be intermediate to expert-level, the Granite Hills Trail System offers rewarding views of the reservoir and the surrounding landscape.  The east trailhead is located just off a county road about one mile west of the main entrance. 

Yellow Trail: The Yellow Trail is a 3.9-mile path that explores the heart of Great Plains State Park.  This trail starts off going south, but quickly turns toward the west, where you will gradually ascend to higher ground.  The trail will curve back to the east, then will slowly curve back around to the northwest, while still gaining elevation.  As you climb, you will reach the highest point of the area.  Take a break here to enjoy spectacular views of the area.  As you continue on the path, you'll go down a slight incline and cover some rocky patches.  You'll keep going mostly west on the trail, with some sharp turns, then you will curve around and head south.  Follow the trail south, continuing on the uneven terrain, until you reach the west trailhead.  There, you have the option to take the White Trail back to the east trailhead or return via the Yellow Trail. 

White Trail: With a path that basically follows the Tom Steed Reservoir shoreline and is closer to the water, the White Trail is 4.1 miles long.  From the east trailhead, you'll start to the north, toward the reservoir.  Follow the trail along to a pond, where you will then turn and go west.  The White Trail intersects with the Yellow Trail soon after the pond, and the two run simultaneously near the highest point in the park until the White Trail splits off to the north.  The trail then winds its way closer to the reservoir, where it then runs mostly parallel to the park road.  Gradually, the path will curve around and then head back to the south.  Along the way, there are switchbacks, twists and turns in the path to keep things interesting.  This trail ends at the west trailhead where you can either start the Yellow Trail to loop back to the east trailhead or return the way you came. 

Blue Trail: The Blue Trail is a series of paths that connect the road in Great Plains State Park to the White Trail, and also connect the White Trail to the Yellow Trail throughout the central area, providing another look deep into the Granite Hills.  Multiple points along the road offer access to the trail system via the Blue Trail, making access to and from the trails easy and convenient. 

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Located in Great Plains State Park, on the southeast shores of Tom Steed Reservoir. (GPS: 34 44.393 W 98 57.945)
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