Lake Carl Blackwell Trail System

W of City
Stillwater, OK 74074
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Lake Carl Blackwell Trail System

W of City
Stillwater, OK 74074

The Lake Carl Blackwell Trail System offers over 50 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails.  This extensive trail system explores the shoreline and the area south of Lake Carl Blackwell.  Camping, picnic areas and restrooms are available near the lake.

Yellow Trail: The Yellow Trail begins at the campground, for a total of 5.76 miles.  This is considered an intermediate-level trail, and it makes a complete loop.  Starting off, you'll head to the southwest, going away from the lake.  At the beginning of the trail, the area is mostly open and grassy.  After a while, you'll change direction and start to the south, going through some wooded areas.  You'll curve back around to the northwest, again headed toward the lake.  Follow the path as it meanders near the shoreline of the lake, gradually curving back to the south.  After zig-zagging south for a while, the path will take a sharp turn to the northeast.  Follow the trail as it continues north and east to complete the loop. 

Orange Trail: This trail is a 7.76-mile-long loop that basically follows the path of the Yellow Trail and is also intermediate-level, but goes farther north to explore the shoreline of Lake Carl Blackwell's inlets and small peninsulas.  As it follows the shoreline, the Orange Trail also goes farther to the west than the Yellow Trail, then makes a curve back to the east to finish the loop. 

Blue Trail: Starting in the campground, the intermediate to expert-level Blue Trail is a 10.1-mile loop.  Starting off, it meanders its way to the west, then continues on to the southwest to begin winding through the densely wooded area.  In this part of the trail you'll climb Rattlesnake Ridge, which is rocky but provides great views.  The trail will gently curve to the east, then to the north, where it will wind its way back up through the woods, then make a sharp turn to the east.  This direction continues for some time before the trail reaches another part of the lake and follows the shoreline back to the campground to complete the loop. 

Pink Trail: The Pink Trail explores much of the area at 12.6 miles long, and is a beginner-level trail.  This trail is a loop that starts starts at the campground, then goes northeast for a while.  It dips down to the south, then goes to the north sharply to follow a narrow peninsula, then goes back to the south.  The trail crosses over itself on the way, and you can complete the loop there if you want.  Continue to the south, where you will take fairly straight paths through the dense forest areas and near the shores of one of the lake's inlets.  This path will curve around to the west to make a loop, then head back to the north and east to finish up the main loop. 

White Trail: At 18.5 miles long, the White Trail is the longest on this trail system.  It is considered to be intermediate-level, and is the most jagged trail.  This trail starts off going west from the campground, then curves around to the south, where it begins to zig-zag through the trees.  The path continues southward for a while, then goes east, going over the a creek on the rock crossing.  This part of the trail parallels SH-51, then will start to curve to the north, headed toward the lake.  After a hairpin turn, the trail begins to follow the shoreline of the lake to the southwest.  Just after Mule Slick Crossing the path turns again to the northeast, where it will continue until ending up back at the campground. 

Red Trail: The Red Trail is an offshoot of the eastern portion of the White Trail.  This trail further expores the wooded area near SH-51, starting off to the east, then looping around to the west back to the White Trail. 



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