Elmer McCurdy Grave Site

Elmer McCurdy Grave Site
Summit View Cemetery
1808 N Pine St
Phone: 405-282-0064

This is the final resting place of Elmer McCurdy, an alcoholic and notoriously bad outlaw who was killed in 1911 during a shootout. No one claimed McCurdy's body, so the local undertaker in Pawhuska embalmed it and charged people a nickel to see the "mummy." This went on for several years until a circus man claimed to be a relative of McCurdy and had come to give him a proper burial. The undertaker was swindled and McCurdy's body was then bought and sold to many different side shows, circuses and other places where it could be put on display for amusement. This went on for decades.

Along the way, people forgot what they were seeing was a real body. Finally in 1976, he was on display at an amusement park on a pier in California. The TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man" was shooting an episode in the park and a member of the production crew moved what he thought was a mannequin but turned out to be a real mummy. After some investigation, it was discovered to be the body of Elmer McCurdy. In 1977, 66 years after his death, the now notorious outlaw was finally laid to rest in Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie. A slab of concrete was poured over his casket so he would never be disturbed again.

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Highway Corridors (within 5 mi.): I-35
Located on the north edge of town. From I-35, take Exit 157 west onto Noble Ave/Hwy 33. Go north at the first light onto Pine St. The cemetery is a few blocks north on the east side. The grave is in the Boot Hill section in the northeast corner.