Dinosaur Tracks

Dinosaur Tracks
East End of Black Mesa
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Located near Black Mesa, these famous dinosaur tracks have been preserved in a sandstone strata next to Carrizo Creek. This dinosaur trackway was originally discovered in the 1980s and contained 47 footprints. Due to erosion, only a third of those tracks are visible today.

Scientists were intrigued by two tracks in particular that were much deeper than the others and had a ridge. They believe that the dinosaur was walking on a mudflat area and slipped, leaving a telltale sign that has lasted for millions of years.

Although the exact species is not known, scientists have stated that the tracks came from a theropod, which is a scientific classification for bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus rex. Be sure to walk down into the creek bed to see the two sets of prehistoric tracks. The dinosaur tracks are located on private property, but viewing is allowed during daylight hours.

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General Information: Free admission
Group Amenities: Bus/Motorcoach Parking
Tour Information: Guided Tours
Viewing allowed daily during daylight hours.
Approximately 1 mile east of Kenton, take the blacktop road marked "Black Mesa Nature Preserve" and go 5.2 miles north. Turn right on the dirt road just north of the bridge and follow until turn area. Walk down into creek bed.
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