Roughneck Roller Derby 2017 Season

The most recent event date has passed. Check back for updates.
Roughneck Roller Derby 2017 Season
Ninowski Recreation Center
1025 W Kenosha St
Broken Arrow
Phone: 918-510-5567

Catch the buzz as the Roughneck Roller Derby girls put on an electrifying dance of athleticism and grace as the jammers and blockers race against each other and the clock in a bout versus Away Team.

Roughneck Roller Derby squad was established in 2012 with the simple goals of getting in shape, making friends and playing roller derby. The squad is very active, dedicated to volunteer work, giving back to the community and training hard to provide hard hitting, family-friendly bouts.

Challenging and hard-hitting, the modern sport of Flat Track Derby is governed by the WFTDA. Established in 2001, this organization provides a standardized set of rules and safety guidelines for each league and creates a platform for national competition.

From skating rinks to event centers or even parking lots, derby matches (called bouts) can be held on any skateable surface. Each bout consists of two thirty minute halves with each half being further broken down into two minute shifts or jams.

Essentially, each jam is a full-contact race on skates. Once the whistle blows in this Broken Arrow roller derby rink, the Roughneck’s jammer struggles to fight her way through the opposing team’s four blockers, scoring points off each one she passes before the timer runs out.

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