Winganon Space Capsule

Winganon Space Capsule
E 300 Rd & S 4130 Rd
Phone: 918-521-6256

The Winganon Space Capsule is a happy accident that has turned into one of the most memorable and fun photo ops in northeastern Oklahoma. In 1959, a cement mixer was on its way to help build the bridge over Oologah Lake. Unfortunately it wrecked along the way, tipping over while full of cement. By the time a tow truck came to haul the cement truck away, all of the cement had hardened inside of the mixer. The tow truck was not able to handle the extra weight, and the crew decided to haul only the cab and come back for the detached mixer later, which never happened.

Since the incident, the mixer has been painted many times by artists and local citizens as it sits on the side of this remote road. It was a variation on the American flag for a long time until a few artists decided it needed a make over in 2011. They did much more than just paint this roadside attraction that has become important to the town. It was turned into a space capsule complete with the NASA logo, rocket thrusters and shiny aluminum paint. It is a convincing spectacle that is definitely worth stopping for.

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General Information: Free admission
Open 24/7.
Located just north of the town of Talala. East of Hwy 169 on E 300 Rd before S 4130 Rd. Found on the north side of the road.