Full Hands Full Hearts Farm

96185 Hwy 48
Castle, OK 74833

Full Hands Full Hearts Farm

96185 Hwy 48
Castle, OK 74833

Head to the Full Hands Full Hearts Farm near Castle for a great selection of seasonal produce and farm made home products. The combination farm, farmer’s market and general store is open each Friday and Saturday.

Approaching agriculture from a wide and varied background, first generation farmers Matthew and Shawla Allen became interested in organic food shortly after the birth of their first (of seven) children. Realizing the benefits of healthy eating, the family switched to an organic diet and began growing their own food from a small garden. Within a few years, they sold their city home, moved to the country and began homesteading. Full Hands Full Hearts Farm now helps other families put healthy, flavorful and nutrient rich organic food on their table.

Every Friday and Saturday, stop by Full Hands Full Hearts Farm and see what's been picked fresh that week. Each fruit and vegetable is grown right on the farm from heirloom seed, natural fertilizer and chemical-free pest control in soil that’s responsibly maintained. In addition to the fresh produce, pick up a few dozen fresh eggs, collected from pasture raised birds enjoying a free-range existence.

Be sure to check out the bath products available at the farm store. All the non-gmo natural soaps, bath bombs, bath soaks, and beard oils are made right at the farm and feature the finest ingredients, like hand rendered lard and steam distilled essential oils.

Plan a trip to Full Hands Full Hearts for a true garden-to-table experience.




Friday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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