Witch's Ball

The most recent event date has passed. Check back for updates.
Witch's Ball
The Breeze
222 E Maple Ave
Phone: 580-402-6732

Something wicked creeps your way as trees creak and the autumn air carries with it the scent of decaying leaves. A tinkling melody grabs your attention, pulling you down the alleyway, and you find yourself wandering toward the mysterious tune. As you pass the headless horseman driving a cart of jack-o-lanterns, you know you're on the right track. As you finally reach the Witch's Ball in Enid, you'll see you're in for a night full of fall festivities. 

Once you enter The Breeze in Enid, join the colorful menagerie of merry makers in costumes, dancing, eating, drinking and having fun. Dress in your best Halloween costume for your chance at winning a variety of contests. So channel your best wave of Halloween spirit and practice your best cackles and mad scientist maniacal laughs before heading to the Witch's Ball.

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Highway Corridors (within 5 mi.): US-412, US-81
Projected Attendance: 250
Located on the 200 block of E Maple Ave, NE of Enid's downtown square on the only red brick street in the city.