The Bricktown Okctopus Mural

The Bricktown Okctopus Mural
429 E California Ave
Oklahoma City
Phone: 405-235-3500
Fax: 405-235-3501

Stop by the Chevy Bricktown Events Center in downtown Oklahoma City, and greet the painted orange sea creature swimming along the wall. Local artist Jack Fowler brought the Bricktown Okctopus Mural to life in late 2016, adding a 200 ft x 25 ft octopus to the north side of this Bricktown Entertainment District venue. While mixing orange and blue hues to create the octopus, Fowler also hid 88 images within the tentacles and waves. Take a peek and see how many you can spot.

The hidden images include the following: flower, gonzo gist, peace fingers, hawk, hammer, high-heeled shoe, cowboy boot, Africa, heavy metal fingers, Abe Lincoln, bunny rabbit, guitar, fork, sword, Levon Fowler (artist’s dog), cowboy hat, baseball bat, sunglasses, alligator, butterfly, ballet dancer, JF 2016, shamrock, giraffe, feather, tomahawk, arrowhead, candle, longhorn, horseshoe, star, toenail clippers, tiger paw, bugle, the number 8, shark, whale, gecko, wine glass, football, bottle, airplane, pickup truck, bird, dinosaur, book, paintbrush, tiger face, handprint, footprint, pine tree, fish, 1980s telephone, cat, Middle Creek Brand (backwards "R" attached to backwards "L"), deer track, music notes, raindrops, bug, saxophone, pipe, turkey track, boom box, acorn, tooth, pig, Adidas sneaker, chess knight, snake, light bulb, check mark, eye, unicorn, peach, knife, key, umbrella, elephant, bear track, nose, scissors, jellyfish, ninja, saw, kite, rooster, domino and cactus.

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The 200 feet long and 25 feet tall octopus mural by Jack Fowler can be found on the north side of the Chevy Events Center, 429 E California Avenue.